7 restaurants you need to know in NY

Speak up, connected class! My name is Daniel Raposo, I’m 21 years old, I’m a photographer and my year started on board an airplane.
I went to venture into Uncle Sam’s land, more specifically in New York, to take a 3-month photography course in the city that doesn’t sleep. I also took the opportunity to put on a few pounds and the result of that is that I made a list of at least seven places you need to visit in the city.
Good trip!
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With a very different look and decor that mixes plants and dozens of small lights, this Brooklyn restaurant is ideal for sitting with friends after a long day and relaxing.
The strong point of the place are the appetizers and drinks, a good excuse to start a happy hour. On my visit, I experienced the raw salmon and cream cheese bruschettas, accompanied by a passion fruit juice and honey. Perfect to close the day or just open the weekend.
Do you know that day that you would swear that you would “eat an ox” because you were so hungry? Remember this place for the occasion. Carnegie Deli is a super traditional restaurant in the city, practically a classic and a reference in this type of sandwich. Right in the heart of Times Square, you will sit and be surrounded by artists and celebrities on the walls that have already frequented the place.
Their flagship is the famous pastrami sandwich, but they have several other options, keeping the same “size range”. The sandwich is huge! Mine even fell on the plate, it was so stuffed that it was (no, it won’t work out trying to eat with your hands). For people who visit the place and if the hunger does not condone the exaggeration of this wonder, in the USA it is not a shame to share the dish. Here’s the tip: I particularly found the pastrami filling a bit nauseating and heavy, but I didn’t have time to go back there and try other versions (if someone tastes the tuna sandwich, kill my curiosity in the comments to see if it is a good one. also requested).
In one of the coolest neighborhoods in the city, in my opinion, Chelsea, this market has a very interesting proposal. Breaking the concept of “Fast Food” and establishing the opposite, the so-called “Slow Food”, the market houses several restaurants, bakeries and pastry shops in one place. From Italian restaurants, with homemade pasta, to an incredible fishmonger you can find everything from crab sushi, even the famous lobsters for the liveliest. The place is very incredible, but get there early because the places tend to fill up fast and despite the initial idea, to eat calmly, many people even end up eating while standing up so as not to stop trying.
Probably the most Americanized place on that list. When we think of the USA and food, we immediately think of hamburgers, bacon, hot dogs, ice cream… This is the place and the point. Much of the extra pounds I brought with me were the fault of this franchise, which is spread across New York. Without exaggeration, you can taste everything here without regrets. The highlight is the hot dog with blue cheese, I didn’t find anything like it in the whole city (and look what I looked for!) and the famous lemon juice that, from time to time, they launch a combination with a second fruit. I even tried lemon with grape and lemon with mango, a dream!
One tip is that there is a Shake Shack at the famous subway station, Grand Central, so enjoy and let the fat man inside you speak louder!
3- EATALY | La Pasta
Like Chelsea Market, this place follows the same premise: a market mix with dozens of healthier food options and a wide variety of restaurants. The difference is that everything here is focused on Italian cuisine. I met a restaurant called La Pasta, at the very back of the place and, no joke, it was the best lasagna I’ve ever eaten! And the whole reception with homemade breads, drizzled with olive oil, makes you want to stay there for hours!
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For chocolate lovers, this is paradise! Located in Union Square, at 14st, this classic chocolate shop will make your mouth water. I was lucky to be there in the winter and during the week of American Valentine’s Day, the famous Valentines Day, and with that a special menu commemorated the date. The best hot chocolate in town is here.
Due to this commemorative date, I was fortunate enough to taste the hot chocolate with mint and a very different pastry, I would say. It is a chocolate mass that accompanied more and more chocolates, in all its forms found in nature! And of course, a little cheese to break this “sugar world”. The mixture is very interesting and surprised me. Too bad it was for a limited time. On a second chance, I tried the fondue and, as I expected, I had another incredible experience. It is worth remembering that there is a small shop inside the restaurant for you to take some of those delights with you.
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When we spend a certain period somewhere, it is inevitable that, over time, find and have that favorite little place. I was lucky. The Trufa Restaurant is in Harlem, near the 137st subway exit and one block from where I lived. The place, very cozy and with a maximum of five tables, makes you feel at home in the first moments. The service is as if you have been there for years and the food, so … Incredible.
The specialty is seafood and fish in general, but please don’t miss a piece of the chocolate mousse cake before leaving. During the night, it was my favorite time to stop by – the “daily specials” always let me in without a second thought. The dishes are always very well presented and the intimate atmosphere of the place makes the moment even more special. Highlight for the pasta with seafood and the aforementioned chocolate cake. In the end you still miss home, as the manager will, super excited, want to meet you in Portuguese and make you want to come back again. Send my regards and enjoy my favorite corner of New York.
– stove adventurer, compulsive traveler and in 2015 I will also lose my back, so many times I packed a suitcase.

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