7 Small Business Solutions

7 Small Business Solutions

We are living in difficult times, with increasingly uncertain days. Still, despite everything that is going on, it is important to try to keep our mental health and to prevent insecurity from paralyzing us – and that this is a daily exercise. This is the time for everyone to thank for what they already have and to react, for ourselves and for others.
In the middle of this situation, for example, are people with their small businesses. They, more than all large corporations, depend on the presence of consumers to continue moving forward.
But how, if everyone is at home?
Thinking especially of those who need their customers to maintain their income, we have selected some interesting and possible actions to be taken during this quarantine period. Each tip was thought through with heart and I hope it helps at least some of you.


7 Small Business Solutions

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To offer Discount coupons valid for online purchase is one of the simplest and most effective solutions. They can be shared between friends and family, even making people outside your base interested in the products. It is even worth promoting a special week of promotions.
Here, it is also interesting to mention
payment options and delivery modalities. If you still do not accept payments with boleto, for example, this is the time to implement the option. In addition, if your business is small, even bank transfer can be an alternative for those who don’t like registering cards.
Also make available different
delivery options – mainly for people from the same city as the headquarters of your business. In order not to depend on the post office, it is interesting to hire motorcycle courier companies or use applications that offer this type of faster delivery.


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Another more obvious tip that reinforces the previous one. If until then your business was 100% physical, it is time to create an online store and make delivery options available to customers. As it is a change that is quite big and made even in a hurry, look for simpler hosting platforms so you don’t have any major difficulties. There are plenty of options!
It is important to always be aware of the stock and understand the needs of each product for each type of delivery. All planning may take some time, but it will be worth it not only for the quarantine period, but also afterwards – after all, it is a way to expand your company.


7 Small Business Solutions

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Depending on the case, tools and applications connected are already of immense help to keep the business running. Education professionals, therapists and psychologists, dance teachers, personal trainers, singers … There are several professions that can take advantage of applications such as Skype and Zoom to continue their activities in some way.
Of course, starting a new business model is always challenging and requires time to adapt, but it is worth the effort for those who can adopt solutions like this. If possible, testing different platforms with the customer until you find the one that best meets the expectations of both sides is a good one. Go deep and start talking to the guys!


7 Small Business Solutions
If you noticed a drop in the number of sales, even with coupons, discounts and deliveries, how about adopting more creative solutions? THE

INBOx Shoes, for example, created a campaign in which anyone can be a reseller of the brand. Those who sign up can offer customers a 5% discount, receiving a commission of 30% or 20% on sales.
Developing this collaboration system is a way of helping everyone, in addition to being something that can be implemented by brands from the most varied sectors. It’s like taking advantage of Avon’s or Natura’s business model, you know? And you don’t necessarily need to limit yourself to that model – just let your creativity flow ?


7 Small Business Solutions

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During this quarantine period several celebrities are taking advantage of their platforms to help the autonomous crowd. Anitta has been calling from dance teachers to French classes, all through lives on Instagram.
If you already have a legal basis on social networks, how about promoting lives like these with partner brands or professionals who talk to your niche? In addition to being a mutual aid, new customers can reach your business. It is interesting to even set up a calendar for people to be able to follow everything!


7 Small Business Solutions

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Of course, one of the biggest concerns of every entrepreneur is to keep his business running. But, how about investing in hobbies or ideas for clients too? Taking actions on the brand’s social networks such as mini classes and tips are a service to the consumer, in addition to generating engagement.
In the past few days, for example, we found several Instagram posts on mental health, home office and productivity. Take advantage of the period we are living in and think of guidelines that relate to your niche to create these actions. Even a series of posts on Instagram is something and reminds the customer of the brand.


7 Small Business Solutions
This last tip also requires more effort, but I promise it is worth it! Depending on the market you are in, this is the ideal time to develop digital products. They can be courses, e-books, a special application or any other type of digital material that involves the area of ​​your business.
Now, if your current goal is to attract new customers for future purchases, it’s interesting to distribute something for free to capture leads. That is, get the e-mail of the people to keep in touch and then inform everyone about the news of the store. These “freebies” can be lean versions of products and services sold, as a spoiler of what a person will find if they decide to become your customer.
If you liked the ideas, share the post with others who can also benefit from them! I hope they also take advantage of each of these suggestions. And remember: stay at home, wash your hands and value local businesses.

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