7 Sweet Recipes for Mother’s Day

7 Sweet Recipes for Mother's Day

THE Mothers Day it is one of the most beloved times of the year. And, if you want to honor your mother, or a maternal figure in your life, don’t think twice about preparing a dessert very neat.
In addition to making the person’s life sweeter, they will be super happy to know that you have prepared a candy with the intention of pleasing them.

Mousse pie 4 chocolates

There is no dessert more creamy and with an intense chocolate flavor than this! The chocolate biscuit base brings delicious crunch and the whipped cream perfectly combines all the flavors.
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mousse pie 4 chocolates

Bolo gingerbread

How about a giant version of gingerbread? This cake is super fluffy, aromatic and filled with dulce de leche from the gods!
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cake gingerbread

Creamy pineapple cake with coconut

People who like fruity cakes and ice cream need to prepare this creamy pineapple and coconut cake. The dough is super fluffy and delicate, perfectly matching the smooth flavor of the filling.
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Creamy Pineapple Cake

Brigadier ice cream cake

For those who have not been gifted with culinary gifts, this iced brigadeiro cake recipe is ideal. Practice of making and with an incredible final result.
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brigadeiro iced cake

Milk Pudding Nest

Nest milk pudding is a success. To make the dessert even more delicious, a nutella topping that no one will defect!
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Milk Pudding Nest

Honey and pomegranate cake

Just like the iced brigadeiro cake, the honey and pomegranate cake is super easy to make and is delicious. The pomegranate broth makes the dough super wet and crumbles in the mouth.
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honey and rome cake

Crispy dulce de leche pie

Sour cream, caramelized almonds, cake and crunchy base. Imagine all these delights in a single dessert. Did your mouth water? Just prepare this wonderfulness at home.
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crispy dulce de leche pie


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