7 Sweets to Make at Festa Junina!
7 sweets to make at festa junina

7 Sweets to Make at Festa Junina!

Junho arrived and with him the festa junina desserts! Savoring the classic sweets at this time of year is one of the most anticipated actions by us Brazilians. For this reason, we will share with you some of our best recipes to celebrate St. John.
Who is there prepared to drink a lot of hot wine and eat several pieces of paçoca and cornmeal cake?


There is nothing better than desserts with contrasting textures! The quindão is super classic, easy to make and is delicious.
Complete recipe


Corn cupcake

How about innovating the presentation of the cupcake by making an arrangement with popcorn? The cupcake is super creamy and the caramelized popcorn adds a special touch to the flavor.
Complete recipe

corn cupcake

Peanut candy

Despite being a traditional sweet, paçoca can also be innovated. To do that, just create a new presentation, like this one from the heart ?
Complete recipe

peanut candy

Paçoca volcano cake

Since we are talking about paçoca, what do you think of the idea of ​​making a cake with this flavor? This volcano cake recipe is simply delicious and is sure to surprise your guests.
Complete recipe

paçoca volcano cake

June cake

The June cake is nothing more than a cornmeal dough and filling with corn brigadeiro! Impossible not to love.
Complete recipe

june cake

Pumpkin candy

Pumpkin jam is welcome at any time of the year, but at Festa Junina it looks even better ?
Complete recipe

pumpkin candy

Naked with brigadeiro filling and 4 milks

Whoever wants to leave the traditional and dare in the flavors and presentation can prepare this incredible naked cake.
Complete recipe
prestige cake
What is your favorite June party candy?

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