7 teas to energize and replace coffee

7 teas to energize and replace coffee

Many people look for replace coffee with other drinks in an attempt to find a way to have energy without triggering anxiety attacks due to excess caffeine. There are many possibilities that can help in this case, like what we are going to talk about today: teas that give energy, but have (well) less caffeine!

7 teas to energize and replace coffee

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However, it is important to remember that coffee is far from the bad guy, okay? After all, anything that is consumed beyond what is necessary can be harmful in some way – and many studies also prove the benefit of coffee. What happens is that the amount of caffeine present in coffee is higher than most natural energy drinks and there are other components that can give us energy besides caffeine. Not to mention the fact that energy teas have several benefits, such as stress relief ?

Ah, remember that teas are like “remedies”, cause effects, may have contraindications and overuse will do harm in the same way. It’s a tip: always drink the drinks listed here in the morning, when you wake up. When energy teas are consumed at night, they can cause insomnia.


The first is the most famous, the green tea. The amount of caffeine in a cup of this tea is half the cup of coffee, which guarantees a lower peak of energy and also carries several other benefits such as increased brain function, accelerated metabolism, antioxidant action and prevention against others diseases.

7 teas to energize and replace coffee

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THE tea black it is made from the same herb as green tea, it only differs by the process of making it more oxidized, darker, less antioxidant and with a little more caffeine.

7 teas that give energy to replace coffee

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We hear a lot about guarana in soda or even juices. What happens is that the powder of this fruit can also become a natural energy tea. In saying that the drink is stronger, contains a lot of caffeine and is not as tasty as the others. Consume moderately ?

7 teas that give energy to replace coffee

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THE chai is an Indian tea widely consumed in order to give energy. It consists of several spices from the country and there are so many variations that it is difficult to find the most traditional. But in general, most have cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, black pepper and black tea. It promotes a lot of vitality, energy and well-being. It also has caffeine.

7 teas to energize and replace coffee

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Have you heard of mate? It is made with an herbal tea called “mate herb”. It is originated and still consumed by many indigenous tribes in South America and super known in the southern region of Brazil. It also contains caffeine, less than coffee and more than green tea, it gives energy and does not cause anxiety spikes. To consume you can do the same in the south: with a gourd or make tea by infusion normally – the result is the same ?

7 teas that give energy to replace coffee


All of those mentioned above have caffeine, albeit in smaller proportions and less aggressively. But there are also ways to be more connected with other types of teas. THE rosemary tea it is one of those cases. The herb works by eliminating excess water from the body, increasing blood circulation and has many benefits for memory. All of this can provide a boost of energy and help improve the body’s oxygenation.

7 teas that give energy to replace coffee

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THE ginger tea it also has no caffeine but has thermogenic properties, that is, which heat up. It also speeds up metabolism, blood circulation and makes the body more alert, focused. With that, the disposition increases!

7 teas to energize and replace coffee

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Leave in the comments which one you like best or if we leave some super energetic tea off the list!

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