7 Things You Need To Do Before You Travel

7 Things You Need To Do Before You Travel

It is difficult to find someone who is not anxious before a trip, right? All this nervousness is normal, but it must not interfere in any way with the planning of the trip. To make the most of the destination, be it national or international, some little things can (and need) to be done before boarding.
Curious to know what they are? We have selected seven special tips for everyone who plans to travel soon. If you put at least some of the suggestions into practice, you will already feel the difference when you are walking around the places ?

Search a lot


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An obvious tip, but one that many people end up ignoring: research on the destination! Start reading about the place on blogs or travel sites, so that you will know other people’s opinions about the tours. Two websites that help a lot are the Time is over it’s the Lonely Planet!
Other ways to learn more about the places you plan to travel to are: watching movies and series recorded there, watching videos and reports and looking at other people’s photos on Instagram. This last tip is cool even to know how people dress, how the weather is going through the region and what are the most photogenic corners of the city.

Make a script

Anyone who has been with us for a while is tired of knowing what we always talk about

scripts. They serve as a guide, but do not need to be followed exactly as planned. After all, we need to have the freedom to explore the destination without too many strings attached.
However, knowing more or less what to do each day is essential for you to be able to visit at least part of the attractions. This way, no one will need to spend time on the trip researching what to do in the place. If you do not have the patience to put together a script, make at least a list with the name of the sights, restaurants and other spaces you want to visit!

Download travel apps

certain nights
For our happiness, we have thousands of information right in the palm of our hand, with the beloved

Smartphone. So, enjoy the best that technology has to offer us. Before you travel, download some travel apps that can save your life. THE Google Maps it’s the Moovit, for example, are great for those who don’t want to get lost in a different place.
apps can help you save money, like SkyScanner to purchase tickets and the HostelWorld and Airbnb when purchasing hosting. I promise you won’t regret testing at least one of them ?

Learn a little of the local language


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This tip applies to people who are planning an international trip. Knowing a little of the local language is essential for more basic communications – in addition to being treated with greater sympathy by the people of the destination. Just as we are happy when we see someone trying to speak Portuguese, speakers of other languages ​​also like to see our effort.
Taking this into account, write down expressions such as “hello”, “good morning” or “good afternoon”, “thank you” and other small phrases that may be necessary on your cell phone or notebook. Those who do not want to take the trouble to research can buy a ready-made guide with the most important phrases!

Hire travel insurance

Mount Elbrus
I imagine that no one here wants to spend time on a trip, do they? However, some things are beyond our control and we are not always able to have the dream experience. If you experience any unforeseen circumstances, good travel insurance can help you a lot to resolve the situation.
Many people end up leaving this service aside because they think it is expensive. But, the reality is that there are packages with super affordable prices and great coverage. To better know which type of travel insurance is right for you, just take a look

next post.

Check out the weather forecast

It is impossible to predict exactly what the weather will be like during the trip. Still, keeping an eye on the weather forecast is always a necessary task. To better understand the temperature of the city and the rain rate during each time of the year is essential both to assemble the suitcase, as well as to plan the trips.
Knowing more or less the weather forecast, you will be able to have a better idea of ​​which tours you can take. If everything in your itinerary depends on the sun, for example, think of a plan b before you even get to the location ?

Pack your bags carefully

tidy suitcase

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Nothing left to pack at the last minute! We have already given some tips on how to organize luggage without error, but it costs nothing to reinforce the idea. In addition to clothes, as we already mentioned, other items like medicines and documents make all the difference for you to enjoy your destination to the fullest.
With regard to continuous remedies, be sure to bring as much as necessary for the period of the trip and the prescription. Sunscreen and comfortable parts are also essential! To remember nothing, write everything down in a list and give “
verificationsAccording to the bad organization.


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