7 tips for the perfect pie dough

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7 tips for the perfect pie dough
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There are noodles and noodles, but if there is one thing that everyone wants when they make a pie, it is that it does not completely dismantle when unmolding or cutting. Of course, the tips vary according to the recipe, after all, there are several ways to make a pie and some don’t even have to go into the oven.
The doughs can be crushed biscuits, the classic puff pastry and the variations of pâte brisée, sablée and sucrée (know the differences in this post). Each of them has its peculiarities – some are more crunchy, others more malleable … However, some tips work in most recipes. Want to know which ones?
7 tips for the perfect pie dough
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  1. At the time to arrange the dough in the form, use only your fingertips and, if it sticks, spread a little wheat flour on the tip.
  2. Take the dough to rest a few minutes in the refrigerator or freezer before going to the oven. This tip is great for firming the dough and unmolding the pie more easily.
  3. Always do holes with fork in the base of your pie to release the steam when the dough goes to the oven. That way the bottom doesn’t rise much when baking.
  4. When pre-baking the dough without the filling, try covering the base with parchment paper and placing raw beans or ceramic balls inside. This also prevents the growth of the pie base.
  5. Partially bake your dough if she has to go back to the oven with the filling. This helps to prevent the bottom from falling apart when the pie filling is too wet.
  6. If your filling is very moist, it is worthwhile waterproof the dough after it’s baked and cold. Brush butter, egg white or even melted chocolate inside the pie and wait for it to dry before adding the filling.
  7. If your pie is closed, brush a gem on the top of the dough before placing in the oven. This tip helps to add shine and color to the pie lid.

7 tips for the perfect pie dough
Photo: Complete recipe
Who there is also crazy to put all the tips into practice and prepare such a delight? Here at ICKFD you will find dozens of incredible pies and pasta recipes ?

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