7 travel tips with Juliana Goes

7 travel tips with Juliana Goes
You know how much I love to travel, right? They also know that when we visit new places, we have to plan a lot and pay attention to small details that help our lives a lot. That’s why the beautiful Ju Goes and I made a video with 7 super important tips for you to enjoy your time away from home in the best way.
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1. How to choose the destination?

Time and money are crucial to defining your destiny. The further away the place, the more time is needed to enjoy it in peace. This is directly linked to money, as tickets to more distant destinations are usually more expensive.
If you have more flexibility in your schedule, a great tip is to stay tuned to the promotion sites – and, of course, research if the site is reliable! Our suggestions are: Best Destinations and Cheap Travel.
To choose the right destinations we recommend the book Make the most of your time on Earth which shows the best destination for each day of the year – marrying Christmas, Carnival and other festive dates.

2. Find out about the destination

Knowing more about the culture and customs of the chosen location is essential to make the most of your trip. The climate and the currency are super important too – even to know what to pack.
Books and guides end up being the best options to learn more and more about the chosen destination. The ones we recommend in the video are those from Lonely Planet and those of Wanted Guides. No need to restrict yourself, read guides from national publishers, such as Abril’s, and specialized magazines, websites… There is no shortage of options!
If you are one of those who travel with a specific focus, such as fashion, design or food, the tip is to seek specialized books. My tip was the Where chefs eat, a book that gives tips on the best restaurants in different cities around the world.
Don’t forget to chat with friends and colleagues who have already visited the place! It is important to talk to try to understand the positives and negatives that they found in the city and / or country, but make sure you know why. Taste is very personal, so what was bad for your friend can be great for you.

3. Where to stay?

Location is super important! There is no need to choose a hotel right in the center and very expensive! Prize for the cost benefit and try to get closer to the places you want to visit. Sometimes you really want to know the restaurants in a neighborhood, so it is interesting to stay nearby – it will be a lot easier if you want to enjoy it later and take a taxi to the hotel.
Catching up with local residents is also very interesting. If you have the opportunity, just ask!

4. Documents

The documents vary according to the destination. If the trip is international, a valid passport is essential. Always check whether or not you need a visa. If you have an international passport, take it validly – sometimes they break the branch! If the trip is national, take the ID and other documents with photo – recent and in good condition, see?
In addition to these documents for the bureaucratic part, always try to take out travel or health insurance – we never know when we will need to use it, so it is always good to be forewarned. If you choose travel insurance, it still covers lost luggage! Depending on the plan, the insurance still gives discounts on medicines in other countries.
It is always easier to see with your travel agency, but brokers and direct purchases with the company are also great options for purchasing good plans.
Another important tip is to print all your reservations, tickets, insurance and write down important addresses and phone numbers (in case you run out of cell phone).

5. Displacement

After knowing more about the city, choosing the hotel and everything, it is super important to know the best means of transportation. There are some cities in which it is better to rent a car, if that is your situation it is important to reach the validity of your license and if it is accepted in the destination country.
For our happiness, most cities have great public transport – subway, train and bus. It is legal to download taxi applications for any emergency and be aware of the opening hours. In order not to be fooled by taxi drivers take a look at the Taxi Fare Finder or Txime, apps that show the estimated cost of the trip.
NOTE: Google Maps is also a great tool. Shows the best route for each type of transport, in addition to giving the estimated time and you can see the public transport suggestions.

6. List of Priorities

The priority list is sorely needed! You need to organize your time and nothing better than putting your favorite tours in the first places.
Research what will be going on in the city and enjoy shows, fairs, festivals, plays, parties … Depending on what it is, they also make your list!

7. Money

First of all, you need to know the currency of the country – if it is very exotic, switch to euro (if it is for Europe) or dollar (if it is for the United States and Asia)! Do some research to find out more or less the prices there and how much you will need to book for the trip in general. Also check if establishments accept credit cards.
The credit card needs to be international and unlocked – go or call your agency to let them know you are going to travel so you don’t have any problems. A super practical solution is the prepaid card (you can buy it at travel agencies or at the bank itself).
Don’t forget to spend your change coins. There is no exchange rate for them and, depending on them, they can be worth a lot.
An eighth tip came up, the much-loved local chip (SIM Crad), which entitles you to the internet and saves us from various difficulties – lack of communication ever!
I hope you like the video and our tips!

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