7 Vegan Desserts To Make Now!

7 Vegan Desserts To Make Now!

Who says vegans don’t eat delicious desserts has never really tasted good vegan candy. In addition to being delicious, often the taste is practically the same as the version with ingredients of animal origin.
So, for vegetarians and vegans on duty – and also for the curious, here’s a neat list with incredible and vegan desserts. I promise you won’t regret it if you try one at home ?

Chocolate mousse

Creamy and with super healthy ingredients, this vegan mousse melts in your mouth and leaves us with a taste for more. Coconut milk, powdered cocoa, dates and chia are the main ingredients to lift the flavor and make it very intense.
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vegan chocolate mousse

Vegan Brownie

How about preparing a wet brownie with a well-marked chocolate flavor? The basis of this delight is something you would probably never have imagined: black beans! It may seem like a strange combination, but the end result is wonderful and the taste of beans does not even appear.
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vegan brownie

Vegan truffle in small glass

Another unlikely combination that works: avocado, dark chocolate and cocoa nibs! These three ingredients, combined with cocoa powder and demerara sugar, form a dessert of the gods. Do you want another reason to taste this sweet? Avocado reduces the glycemic index of the dessert and, as a bonus, prevents premature aging!
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vegan truffle

Orange cake

Some cakes are known to be part of the afternoon coffee table. This is the case for this very cute orange cake. In addition to being super easy to make, the ingredients are simple and our palate thanks the taste of the orange to each piece.
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Orange cake

Photo: Foodess

Peach pie

People who love fruit desserts don’t have to think twice about making this wonderful peach. The dough is made with dried dates, flaxseed flour, grated coconut and oats. Crunchy and, even better: healthy.
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peach pie

Vegan pancake

The pancake is one of the most traditional sweets of every breakfast. So, to taste fluffy pancakes with nothing of animal origin, bet on this vegan pancake recipe!
Rcomplete recipe

vegan pancake

Photo: Duni Cheri

Banana cake

Another dessert that is the face of afternoon coffee! The banana cake harmonizes very well with a cup of fresh coffee, so be sure to make this double happen.
Complete recipe

banana cake

Photo: Donna Hay

Which of these recipes did you most want to try?

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