7 Walks You Can’t Miss in Auckland

7 Walks You Can't Miss in Auckland

Those who follow our channel have already had a taste of what to do in Auckland. After all, we show some of our experience there in the first video of the series for New Zealand. As we spent little time in the city, we didn’t have time to explore it enough.
So, to complete the information we passed on to you in the video, I selected seven different activities to be done by the region. My selection criteria were those tours that were most recommended, but be sure to comment on your opinion if you have already been to Auckland ?

The sky tower

7 Walks You Can't Miss in Auckland

Photo: Jack Levick

A very predictable suggestion, but one that could not be left out of the list: The sky tower. It is one of the most iconic symbols of the city, mainly because it almost always stands out on the horizon. For the more adventurous, how about jumping from bungee jump?
If you are not so bold, you can climb the tower just to see the view or eat at the restaurant
Orbit 360 ° Dining. The most interesting thing is that, initially, the tower was built to function as radio and television transmitters. Nowadays, it is among the most famous sights in Auckland.

Mount Eden

7 Walks You Can't Miss in Auckland

Photo: Mathew Waters

Have you ever imagined walking through a volcanic region covered by green grass? This is possible in Auckland! THE Mount Eden it is the most visited natural tourist spot in the city and all this success is not for nothing.
In addition to being a very unusual location, the view from the top of the hill is simply surreal. Ah, it is possible to get there by car and continue the journey on foot, without even making much effort. Parents with baby strollers and the elderly can also walk this path!

Goat Island

7 Walks You Can't Miss in Auckland

Photo: @dscvrnewport

New Zealand has several smaller islands around it, and the Goat Island is one of them. What makes it special is the marine reserve and the research laboratory, also focused on the universe of the sea.
For people who love to dive and swim with fish, the island is paradise. The water is super transparent and the island’s surroundings are very well maintained. This is the kind of tour that delights people of all ages, making it an unforgettable experience, you know?

Sailboat ride

7 Walks You Can't Miss in Auckland
For those who like sail, this is an unmissable tour. The funniest part of this tour is that, in addition to enjoying the trip and the incredible view of the city, you can also help people to guide the boat. As I love this type of activity, I believe it is very worthwhile.
Oh, and if you plan to take the tour, be sure to bring sunglasses, sunscreen and a lighter jacket, as it can end up windy enough. Take a look at the Explore Group website if you are interested in knowing the company we have chosen!

Rangitoto Island

7 Walks You Can't Miss in Auckland

Photo: @iwill_takeyou_there

Another island on the list! THE Rangitoto it has the shape of a very symmetrical cone, very similar to what we usually imagine when someone talks about a volcano. The coast of the place is super wooded and the region is ideal for people who love hiking and hiking.
The differential of the island, in addition to its shape, is that it is the volcano widest and newest in New Zealand. Leaving Auckland, it is possible to get there by ferry, and the trail to the type takes around 40 minutes!

Streets to know

7 Walks You Can't Miss in Auckland

Photo: Josiah Kemp

Making the most of the city center, I chose some of the most interesting streets to share with you. First of all, be sure to visit the entire area Ponsonby, which is a very hipster neighborhood. If you are curious to know what to do in the neighborhood, just click here.
In more general lines, also be sure to visit the Quay Street to have a seaside view, the High street it’s at Albert Street. You can be sure that in all these places you will find a cute shop or an amazing restaurant.

Waiheke Island

7 Walks You Can't Miss in Auckland

Photo: Kiwi Flickr

Leaving the city center a little bit, I suggest you take a ferry and go to the Waiheke Island. The trip takes about 40 minutes and the ferry leaves Auckland every half hour. The tour can be done in a single day, but if you have time available try to spend at least one night there.
One of the main attractions of this place is, without a doubt, the wineries. The beaches and landscapes also deserve your attention. To take full advantage of everything the island has to offer, go to it only if your trip is scheduled between September and April. The other months end up being very cold and are not ideal for walking in that part of the country.
If you want to know even more about New Zealand, be sure to check out our channel vlogs ?

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