70 years of brigadier!
70 years of brigadier

70 years of brigadier!

Some like it warm; pot on one side and spoon wielded waiting for a good chew. Others prefer to roll ball by ball, then pass them in the chocolate sprinkles, serve in molds and feel the pleasure of grabbing so much happiness in a candy smaller than a child’s palm. How can a truffle made with condensed milk, butter and chocolate be able to improve the mood of someone with a broken heart, brighten movie nights at home with friends and cure even PMS?
Jamie Oliver forgive us, but the brigadier is ours and no one dares to speak ill. This year, we celebrate the seven decades of the most malemolent candy in this Brasil-il-il! The story comes full of funny details, like many popular legends, and everyone believes what they want. The most told is that the saying whose was named after the Brigadier Eduardo Gomes, who ran for president of Brazil in the late 1940s. To help with the election campaign, the women who supported him created a candy made from milk, eggs, butter, sugar and chocolate. The success was so great that the campaign parties were watered at the “sweet brigadeiro” that, later, would be made with condensed milk.
It didn’t take long before the traditional flavor received some innovations. Brigadeiro de Paçoca, Leite Ninho, Doce de Leite, Ovomaltine, Coco (give me a kiss?), Coffee, Vanilla and even some with a touch of drink, such as Whiskey and Caipirinha. Here at ICKFD the category of Brigadeiros is full of flavors and always has a new recipe made with them.

The stuffed versions won everyone’s heart and I can say that Brigadeiro de Leite Ninho com Nutella won the title of most beloved in Brazil. After all, can you resist that, baby?

Raw material for creative minds, our beloved brigadier is present in some ICKFD posts, like this one by Antonio Nogueira and this exciting chronicle by Jéssica Giovanini. It is beautiful to know that each person has a story to tell and that the brigadier participated, even if as a supporting role, in special moments.
Well, I’m going to take a look at the pantry. Will I find a can of condensed milk giving soup?

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