8 Creative Ways to Use Cookie Cutters

8 Creative Ways to Use Cookie Cutters

Have you thought about giving a new function to some of your kitchen utensils? With cookie cutters, for example, you can abuse your creativity. Because they have different formats, they serve very different and interesting purposes. Curious to know some of them? So, come on!

Cake decoration

8 Creative Ways to Use Cookie Cutters

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Candles are often part of the cake decoration. However, some models end up being a little more expensive. If you want to make a different decor without spending a lot, just buy the materials needed to do it at home. Besides the economy, another advantage of this DIY is that you can choose the format you want.
Oh, and the kids usually love more playful desserts. So be sure to put the idea into practice if you meet children who will be happy with that detail ?

Organize in tray

8 Creative Ways to Use Cookie Cutters

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One of the most traditional ways of serving snacks is by organizing each variety in different bowls. To give a new look to this presentation, take advantage of cookie cutters to create dividers on trays / pots. The interior of each accessory can be filled with snacks, sweets and even confectionery for those who want to complement the candy.


8 Creative Ways to Use Cookie Cutters

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Another form of candle, but this time for home decoration! As with cake decorating, cookie cutters serve as a container. In this case, unmolding the product is at your discretion.
In my view, the result is better finished when we leave the candle inside the accessory. So, choose that cutter that you don’t use much or that doesn’t have an interesting shape for the kitchen.


8 Creative Ways to Use Cookie Cutters

Photo: mother

How about making fun, themed pancakes for breakfast? The experience is much more fun and special. If you are going to prepare pancakes for the kids, be sure to use fun shapes, such as animals or characters. The most classic of all is, without a doubt, Mickey!

Pies decoration

8 Creative Ways to Use Cookie Cutters

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Do you have small, delicate cutters at home? If so, they can be used to add extra charm to the pie dough. In addition to creating a beautiful effect, the clay placed under the dessert adds texture and adds a special touch to the finish. It’s worth trying at home ?

Napkin ring

8 Creative Ways to Use Cookie Cutters

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Want to make the table more beautiful without taking money out of your pocket? Using cookie cutters as napkin rings is a way of no return. The decoration of the space is more charming and you take advantage of an item you already have to give that different touch. Birthdays and anniversaries, for example, ask for a new decor.

Cut fruit

8 Creative Ways to Use Cookie Cutters

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This way of using the cutters is already better known. In addition to leaving the fruits with a more playful appearance, tasting the product for those at the table is much simpler. After all, just get as many pieces as you want!

Special breakfast

8 Creative Ways to Use Cookie Cutters

Complete recipe

Innovating in the way of serving traditional bread with egg is also a way to transform the breakfast of our day-to-day. To do this, just take a slice of bread and cut the brains with the cutter of your choice.
As we are going to fry an egg inside this hole, I recommend that it be an item with a larger size and without many details. In my case, for example, I opted for a heart cutter. I enjoyed the brains giving a light toast ?
What did you think of the ideas? Be sure to comment here if you have other suggestions!

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