8 destinations for an incredible and not-so-obvious honeymoon

8 destinations for an incredible and not-so-obvious honeymoon

After our trip to Menorca I immediately thought of making this post, after all, this was one of the most romantic, peaceful and delicious destinations I have ever visited in my life. As you may have noticed in the title of this vlog, Paulo and I really think this island is an incredible place to spend the honeymoon for several reasons – and one of them is not being so obvious.
A trip for two as romantic as this deserves a super special destination, right? I know that each couple has their crazy dreams and the destination varies a lot according to the people’s lifestyle, but I believe that there is nothing more pleasant than exploring a new and paradisiacal place with the loved one!
I made this list based on what I think is important on a honeymoon: comfort, beautiful scenery and tranquility.

Menorca – Spain


I needed to start the selection with this island! This is really a little known destination – mainly by Brazilians – and is perfect for spending a few days together. Menorca is small, charming, has beautiful scenery and many beaches.
As it is not an overpopulated destination, Menorca is much quieter than the other islands in Spain’s Balearic archipelago. It is clear that in high season (July and August) it is more crowded, but even so it does not compare with the amount of tourists in Mallorca and Ibiza.
On the island it is possible to take boat trips along the coast and stop at practically deserted beaches as we did. Renting a wasp is also a great idea, see? In addition, in Menorca you can go kayaking, stand up, wind surfing, diving… Activities abound ?

Provence – France

The classic destination for lovers is Paris, but who says you need to restrict your trip to the French capital only? The country tour can be much more interesting in Provence!
The region is simply charming! Sunny days, walks through the streets of the old cities, incredible wines, delicious restaurants, breathtaking hotels … Provence is very romantic and you can’t help but fall in love with cities – in fact, walking aimlessly through the small streets is the best programming you can do!

Boipeba – Brazil


In search of a Brazilian destination? Boipeba is definitely one of the places that Paulo and I love most. This is a trip for those who like a lot of beach and really want to rest!
The people there are extremely friendly and the landscape is surreal! The natural pools, the islands in the high seas, the simple and delicious meals … For those who enjoy a lot of peace, this is the place around here.

Bali, Indonesia


Picture – Road for Two

No, we still don’t know this paradise place, but Bali is an excellent option for a wonderful honeymoon in Asia.
In addition to visiting beautiful beaches, in Bali you have the opportunity to experience a new culture. The temples are wonderful, the food is totally different, there are many museums, parks… There are really many attractions!

Cinque Terre – Italy


Picture – Lonely Planet

Returning to Europe, it is worth mentioning Cinque Terre. The region has five small towns set in cliffs overlooking the sea. Remember that you will be in Italy and, therefore, food and drink are other strengths, right?
In the late spring (June), temperatures are already higher and the place is not as crowded as Rome and Milan ?

Turks and Caicos Islands – Caribbean


Photo – Luxury retreats

The Caribbean is definitely a popular destination for Brazilians. To escape the crowd a little, but still enjoy beautiful beaches, the Turks and Caicos Islands are excellent options. The luxury hotels there are wonderful, see?

Mauricio Islands


Photo – Tim Mc Kenna

Simply heavenly !! The islands surrounded by reefs have super calm sea water and perfect for swimming without worries or doing stand up. More than just resting on the delicious and calm beaches, you can visit the island’s reserves, take jeep tours, visit temples and other sights.
Ah, the islands are close to South Africa, so if your honeymoon trip is long, you can also book a few days in the country that has itinerary options for many styles of couples – from the most adventurous to the most relaxed.



Photo – Expedia

Lots of history, great weather, delicious beaches and good prices when compared to other European countries! I think almost everyone has dreamed of going to Greece, don’t they? In Europe, this is one of the most economical destinations and you can stay in a very romantic hotel for a quieter price than in Paris, Rome and London …
Athens, Santorini and Mykonos are well-sought-after destinations with more expensive accommodation, but it is still worth it because the costs for food and transportation are much more affordable.
So, did it become easier or harder to choose your honeymoon destination?

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