8 Essential Tips for Those Who Want to Travel Alone

8 Essential Tips for Those Who Want to Travel Alone

Postponing a trip just because you have no company should be prohibited! I know that many people end up being afraid to go to another city or country alone. However, this type of tour is an experience that everyone should have at least once in their life.
In addition to all that conversation that we always hear and read about self-knowledge, traveling alone is a great way to learn to feel good with your own company. So, for you who plan to take a more lonely trip, I have separated some essential tips to follow before and throughout the adventure ?

Read about the destination

8 Essential Tips for Those Who Want to Travel Alone

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Knowing your destination is one of the most important parts of planning a trip. First of all, you need to choose a city that matches your personality or the purpose of the tour. For those who are more adventurous, there is nothing better than choosing a place that will make you get out of your comfort zone. In such cases, carefully evaluate all options until you arrive at the best alternative for you.
Also, if you plan to take a trip low cost, be sure to research if the place you plan to go to has several free tour options. Here on the site you can find posts about various cities and countries, so it is worth taking a look if there are any about your destination!


8 Essential Tips for Those Who Want to Travel Alone

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In order not to feel so alone always, how about staying in a Hostel and share a room with other people? In addition to being cheaper, you may end up making a new friendship. If you are willing to give up a hotel room with a little more comfort and privacy, I believe that this option is one of the best! Oh, and nothing prevents you from choosing a private room.
Another alternative that has become a success out there is the
CouchSurfing. We even gave a brief mention of that topic in our video with secrets for traveling on a budget. For those unfamiliar with this initiative, it works as follows: you stay for free at the home of a local resident, sleeping in the space that the person has to offer. It can be on the sofa, on a mattress, or even in a private room if you are lucky enough to find a host with available rooms. It’s worth looking at their website to learn more about it! If you are interested, just click here ?


8 Essential Tips for Those Who Want to Travel Alone

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Traveling without having a well-defined itinerary can be a tempting idea. However, for security reasons, I recommend that you do at least one previous itinerary where you intend to go so that your friends and family have a sense of the places you are going to pass.
Another essential point regarding the planning of the script is to think about locomotion throughout the tour. Whoever is renting a car does not have such a concern. But, if you depend on public transport, research all the route options first and get an idea of ​​how your destination’s systems work.


8 Essential Tips for Those Who Want to Travel Alone

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You know that famous phrase “less is more”? For anyone traveling alone, it should be a motto! Try to take as little as possible inside your luggage, since you will most likely not have someone to help you carry your suitcase through the airport or on the way to your accommodation.
The luggage will also depend on the location of the trip. If it’s a more rustic destination, avoid suitcases with wheels! If you are in doubt about the best model, I recommend you read this post ?


8 Essential Tips for Those Who Want to Travel Alone

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The time has come for one of the most valuable guidelines in the post! Be it a trip through Brazilian lands or outside the country, go with a copy of documents most needed. In the case of a tour of Brazil, have printed confirmation of accommodation and tickets. Also, write down the numbers of the people closest to you on a piece of paper or notebook. Unfortunately, it is not possible to guarantee that the trip is 100% perfect, so there is nothing better than being forewarned.
As for international travel, also have a copy of your passport and also your travel insurance document. Buying this insurance is the guarantee that you will have the minimum amount of medical assistance in the country in case you have a problem. Oh, and this tip is valid for any type of trip, no matter if you are alone or accompanied.


8 Essential Tips for Those Who Want to Travel Alone

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Money is always onethat of our biggest concerns. Depend only on credit card or debit it’s not always a good idea, so be sure to always have a sum of money with you. I understand that many people end up being afraid to leave money in the suitcase, but it is a good alternative to leave it as a reserve.
Doleiras they are also a great way to save money without it remaining in the bag, consequently being more exposed. If you intend to take an international trip and still don’t know how to take the money, I made a post explaining each of the options. Then, you just have to choose the best one within your conditions!

Group tours

8 Essential Tips for Those Who Want to Travel Alone

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If you don’t want to spend the first few days of the trip alone, a good idea is to buy packages of group tours. In addition to gaining an overview of the city, you will be able to make new friends who will accompany you on other activities.
Airbnb, for example, has several “experience” packages made by local residents. It is also interesting to visit some places that only those who live in that environment know, you know? On the Civitatis website, you will also find some very interesting tour options. There are, for example, tours of the most important parts of New York and Lisbon.

Learn a little of the local language

8 Essential Tips for Those Who Want to Travel Alone

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This tip is valid for international travel, but it is nevertheless important. Learn a little native language it is essential for more basic communications. As much as you don’t learn exactly how to pronounce phrases and words, it never hurts to try! In addition, residents love to know that the tourist is struggling to speak the local language.
I believe these tips will help a lot if you plan to travel alone! If you have other tips to share, be sure to comment ?

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