8 Incredible Trails to Do in New Zealand

8 Incredible Trails to Do in New Zealand

New Zealand is known mainly for its natural beauty and surreal landscapes. Even those who follow our channel already have a greater sense of how beautiful the country is. Taking advantage of what the nature of the place has to offer, many residents and tourists take trails throughout the year to explore the region.
I know that many people prefer not to do this type of tour, either for health or taste. However, taking at least one trail when traveling through New Zealand is almost like a mandatory ritual. Oh, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a challenging and difficult path. Lighter trails are enough to have a greater immersion in the country’s culture ?

Routeburn Track

8 Incredible Trails to Do in New Zealand

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45 minutes away from Queenstown, Routeburn Track is the perfect adventure for those who want a more challenging trail. Her difficulty is considered average, so be sure to wear appropriate clothes and carry a small bag with water and snacks.
In total, the trail is 32 km away and is usually completed in 3 days. Another important information about it is regarding its inclination. It is a mixture of walking and climbing, as it is on a rocky coast. All the effort is worth it, especially when arriving at the part of Lake Harris, which forms an incredible scenario.

Crossing Tongariro

8 Incredible Trails to Do in New Zealand

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For more experienced staff, The Tongariro Crossing can be a good alternative. The trail usually takes at least 7 hours of your time, and the whole path is quite challenging. In winter the region is covered with snow, so in these cases it is recommended that the trail be done only with a prepared team and a guide.
The landscape of the place is full of rocky and volcanic formations, making the whole journey more pleasant. Starting in Mangatepopo Valley, the trail extends to Central Crater, the end of which is a long descent. Be careful not to wear slippery shoes!

Injury Band

8 Incredible Trails to Do in New Zealand

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With 7.5 km and an average duration of 6 hours, The Whara Track is also considered an intermediate track. The start of it is a little heavier as it starts in a steeper area. However, as the hike continues, the journey becomes easier.
The views of the coast and the vegetation of this area of ​​New Zealand are enchanting and will make the trail time pass very quickly, as the path becomes interesting. Part of the region is undergoing some reforestation programs, so don’t leave the demarcations.

Mount Alfred

8 Incredible Trails to Do in New Zealand

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Some say that the Mount Alfred trail is one of the most beautiful in New Zealand. Although it is not a very common walk, the landscapes seen during it are breathtaking. The whole trip usually takes around 5 to 7 hours – go prepared to spend the whole day walking!
NOTE: part of the trail was closed because many people ended up getting lost, but the area that remains open is still beautiful.

Hooker Valley Lane

8 Incredible Trails to Do in New Zealand

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Looking for an easy trail to do in New Zealand? If so, you can now add Hooker Valley Track to your itinerary! In addition to being one of the trails with the most beautiful scenery and well maintained path, it is very simple to complete.
The round trip usually takes about 3 hours, but add a little extra time because of the stops to take pictures and enjoy the scenery. The route has some suspension bridges that provide unforgettable views of the mountains in the region.

Roy’s Peak

8 Incredible Trails to Do in New Zealand

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Another trail that is loved not only by tourists but also by the locals is Roy’s Peak. The scenery along it manages to be even more beautiful than the other trails already mentioned. The walk is very quiet, even though it takes about 5 hours to complete.
For having incredible landscapes, this trail has become very popular and is one of the busiest. Ah, the trail is usually closed between October and November because it is the time when the sheep that stay in this area give light to their young!

Pico do Istmo

8 Incredible Trails to Do in New Zealand

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With a 16 km route, the 6 hours to complete Isthmus Peak are full of new landscapes and surreal scenery. In general, this walk is considered difficult, but the reason is not the conservation of the trail or stones on the way. What makes the journey complicated are the steep climbs that leave even a more physically prepared person tired.
If you want to try, keep in mind that this is not an impossible track – it is just complicated. So, take plenty of water to take it all the way and avoid walking with a very heavy backpack!


8 Incredible Trails to Do in New Zealand

Photo: @alfonsodmarquez

The Diamond Lake / Rocky MountainTrack is actually an area with 4 different trails, each of which has a difficulty level. The Diamond Lake Circuit Track, for example, has a level considered easy and can be completed in less than an hour.
In the case of the Rocky Mountain Summit Track, the total route is 5 km, taking an average of 6 hours to complete. That is, it is already classified as a difficult trail. My tip is: start with the easiest and see your performance. If you found it too easy, go to the next one and challenge yourself with each step completed!
Ready to walk a lot on the trip to New Zealand? Even the most sedentary people should risk taking at least one of these trails!

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