8 tips for party hairstyles
8 tips for party hairstyles

8 tips for party hairstyles

Being invited to graduations, weddings and gala events always creates anxiety. It is during these days that we can produce from head to toe, overdo the makeup and make that incredible hairstyle!
In general it is very difficult to define all the details of the look in advance. It turns out that hair and makeup are almost always on the last minute, since most of the time we prioritize the dress and accessories.
As I’m getting ready for one of these events, I did some research on amazing hair for the party! I selected 8 beautiful and modern looks for you not to go with that hard hair, full of hairspray!


I really like this hairstyle because you can let the bangs go loose. The bun is perfectly misaligned, with a few loose threads so it doesn’t look like a salon. Another thing that pleases me a lot is this small volume at the top, it makes all the difference!
I was in love with this one! The shiny band with stones is what draws the most attention in this look! The braided bun is very loose and composes very well with the bangs – a great option for me!


Another option that we almost always forget is the ponytail! As it is very simple and practical, everyone ends up using it on a daily basis. For more formal parties and events, the suggestion is to make it more bulky and set up two levels! First, you make a ponytail with half the hair at the bottom – this will give the illusion of longer hair. Then you assemble the hairstyle neat and with the right volume on top.
If you want, you can also use an applique and let it come out bulky!
This hairstyle by Zooey follows the same line. The only difference is that the fringe is loose and more messy – it makes the look more vintage!


Loose hair is also a great option! The most natural waves with the front stuck is incredible, because it gives volume, but at the same time leaves the look unpretentious.
The side stripe with marked waves is already a classic hairstyle! The look is more behaved and combines with a more sophisticated and elegant look.


The braid tiara is super easy and gives an unusual touch to loose hair. I chose a hairstyle with curls and volume, but the tiaras look great on any type of hair: straight, wavy, curly, short, medium, long … It’s a very versatile look!
The very loose side braid looks great for a party look. It gives a modern touch, but at the same time it is a very simple hairstyle. The volume is also very important! The loose fringe helps to frame the face.
Options abound! Have you decided which one to use in the next event?

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