9 Homemade Pizza Recipes to Try Now!
9 homemade pizza recipes to try now

9 Homemade Pizza Recipes to Try Now!

Created in Italy around 997, the pizza appeared as a kneaded dough in a circular shape that later gained several toppings over the years. Today, it has become a worldwide passion and has numerous versions.
Here in Brazil, for example, it has an immense variety of fillings, from sweet to savory. In addition, we also invented some other versions that emerged with the need for practicality in our daily lives. Curious to know all the homemade pizza recipes we have compiled? Then check our list!


Anyone who wants to taste a classic from another country can prepare this New York pizza at home! The pasta is thin and receives tomato sauce, cheese, pork sausage and jalapeno as a complement.
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Now, if you prefer traditional Italian pizza, bet on this dough recipe! Although we layered it, you can bake it on discs as the traditional version calls for. Like stuffing, cheese and pepperoni ❤
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Since we are in Brazil, why not prepare a pizza with cheese dough? In addition to being delicious, this version does not need that waiting time for fermentation and is delicious.
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cheese bread pizza


In the rush of routine, the blender pizza breaks a good branch. And the best: you just need to beat all the ingredients of the dough in a blender and then put it to bake with the filling you prefer.
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Homemade Pizza


Known as rosti potato, potato pizza is another alternative for those with little time. After carefully frying the dough, be sure to add other toppings ?
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How about preparing a garlic bread pizza with cheese fondue? This wonder is perfect for the coldest days, and is also great to share with anyone who is accompanying you at home.
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If you want to innovate only in the filling of the pizza, this option with pesto is ideal. Prepare the base of New York pizza or the classic Italian pizza and replace the tomato sauce with this mixture of wonderful herbs and spices.
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The pita bread, also called pita, yields several delicious recipes. One of them is this mozzarella pizza with basil.
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Bread and cheese baked in the oven is like homemade pizza, right? In addition to being super easy to make, it is delicious. Add oregano and olives on top to make it taste even better.
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Did you like the ideas? Hope so! And for those who are from São Paulo or plan to come to the city, be sure to watch our video revealing the TOP 5 pizzas around town ?

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