A Bath of Sensations
A bath of sensations

A Bath of Sensations

Who there loves to take a nice bath to relax? I’m definitely the type of person who, when he has a little free time, loves to use creams, scrubs, oils … There are so many things, right?

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Of course, Carnival ends up being a great time to catch up on beauty rituals – if you don’t go to the blocks every day, of course. As my carnivals are usually more at home than on the street, I take the opportunity to relax in my bathroom.
I like to set aside a day to make a delicious SPA Day complete and take care of hair, face, body and even nails. However, in those lazy days, what I really want is to enjoy my bath in the best way. And I don’t need much, okay?

Photo: Behance

Testing a new product already makes the biggest difference and I decided to make this post to show that even a simple soap exchange can make this experience much more delicious!
Nowadays, it is possible to find soaps in any and every way: unusual bars, jellies that can go to the fridge before using, foams, body gels, oils … I selected an option for each one who is also crazy to relax a little under the shower ?

1- The Body Shop | R $ 41.00
2- Exuberant | R $ 74.00
3- The Beauty Box | R $ 32.00
4- Made Brazil at Sephora | R $ 19.00
5- L’Occitane | R $ 145.00

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