A book for that holiday

A book for that holiday


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If you are not in São Paulo, you can still hear the tip! How about using the weekend to read a delicious book? Well then here’s my tip:

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The new book by Jana Rosa and Camila Fremder, Anyway, 30 – A Book for Not Entering the Crisis, for sure will help you to go through this kind of turbulent phase in 30 years. If you are younger it is even better, so you already know what can – or better, will – happen in the coming years! It’s not even 200 pages long and I’m sure you’ll read it quickly.
They talk about almost every aspect of life – from love to health and technology. Everything, of course, with a very good mood!

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The duo wrote the book How to have a normal life while being crazy?, last year. Just by the title I’m sure you already know it was a success. Well, my tip is to relax a little and de-stress this end of the year. Nobody else can handle working so hard or studying non-stop in the middle of November, right?
I hope you enjoy this reading and enjoy this relaxing moment so much during the week!

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