A cool video and 12 egg recipes

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Who came first, the egg or the chicken? In fact, today will not be the day when we will answer this question. Today is the day of the egg (and consequently of the chicken, since it is thanks to it that we have the saying whose, right? But anyway, let’s focus here)!
If we stop to think about the amount of eggs we eat in the most varied recipes, we will see how versatile it is. Come with me: omelets (of course, I started with the easiest hehe), quiches, pancakes, soufflés, cakes, quindins (ETERNAL LOVE), pavlovas, puddings and so on. There is no lack of options.
Thinking about it, the people of the blog “Food, People, Places”, in partnership with Bam Cuisine, created a very beautiful video with 12 recipes in which the egg is the main star. In all recipes, they used free-range eggs, that is, the ones that came only in the natural way, only when the chicken – which lives loose and tugs what makes you want – felt ready for it ?
In fact, here is a goal. How about we buy more free-range eggs instead of farm eggs? In addition to helping chickens, we favor our health. Just to give an example, the free-range egg has five times more beta-carotene than the common egg, three times more vitamin A and is free of the antibiotics that free-range chickens are forced to take. If you want to know more about the difference between them, click here to read a very interesting post. Ah, another thing. There is a post I wrote some time ago about not washing eggs; I think it is worth reading, since we got into the subject; D
Let’s go to the video? Watch and tell me what you think next!

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