a little bit more from our hotel in Tel Aviv

a little bit more from our hotel in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is one of the places we wanted to visit in the world and it is clear that for the experience to be 100% the hotel had to be handpicked. The Mendeli Street Hotel is one of the best qualified in all the search engines we have seen – in fact, a good tip to not get lost in the searches of these sites is to always look at the cleaning and service notes before anything!
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In addition to the high marks on the search engines, what pleased us most about Mendeli from the beginning was the location. The hotel is literally two minutes from the beach, perfect for leisure travelers and looking to relax a little. By the way, the hotel even has a mini spa where you can schedule a massage – not bad after a long flight, right?

As soon as we arrived, what most surprised us was certainly the decoration of the common areas. The bar, the restaurant and the lobby are too beautiful, the panel is jaw-dropping! The design is unique, but nothing exaggerated, and as much as there is a mix of textures and prints, nothing is over. The environment is clear, clean and always with a lot of green; something that always makes the environment more cozy.
The 66 rooms follow the same line of decoration. Since its inauguration in the 1960s, owners have always been concerned with leaving works of art and contemporary decoration objects in their spaces. The decor is always up to date and that’s why we always feel in a new and modern place, it doesn’t even seem to exist for more than 50 years!
Although they are not huge, the rooms are very well equipped. Paulo and I stayed in a Loft Room and we had no problem with the space. The decor is beautiful and has several unusual details like the round mirror in the middle of the room.
Rest assured that you will get to know every corner of the hotel even better in Israel’s vlogs, but I can already guarantee that the experience here is being incredible ?

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