A New Type of Housing in São Paulo

A New Type of Housing in São Paulo
A new type of housing in sao paulo

I imagine that the dream of many people out there is to get home and find everything clean and organized. After a day of work, take the opportunity to relax in a warm pool or spend time in the hot tub. What do you think of the idea?
Paulo and I were lucky to experience this routine for about four months, and it can also become a reality for you! This whole experience is provided by V House, a new concept of housing in São Paulo that functions as a apartment mix and luxury hotel.
The apartments range from 36m² to 142m², and they can be bought or rented – with furniture, decoration and appliances. In our case, we stayed only while our apartment was under renovation. Although it was a short time, we felt very welcomed! Oh, and best of all: our pets are also accepted there ?


A New Type of Housing in São Paulo
One of the most amazing aspects of the V House is the governance service. The company’s employees tidy up the apartments on a daily basis, in addition to doing that heavier cleaning once a week. Even simple tasks like taking out the trash, making the bed and changing towels are up to them. And, like any good hotel, they also serve a delicious breakfast.
To wash and dry your clothes, just use the
laundry shared. It is very practical, since you do not need a special space to extend all your pieces. Aah, and if you have a lot of luggage or large items, you can store these items in the storage. Our bags, for example, stayed there.
A New Type of Housing in São Paulo
safety and organization The location is also spotless. Residents receive an electronic key that gives access to common areas and the floor of their apartment. This same key is also used to use the elevator. Not to mention that all communication between employees and residents is all done by Whatsapp. In short: a super modern, practical and efficient service.

External area

A New Type of Housing in São Paulo
The leisure area at V House is simply wonderful. THE outdoor pool of the building is a great alternative to give that refreshed on sunny days and relax a lot, you know? In addition, around the pool are several jabuticaba trees with delicious berries.
The contemplative garden of the place is also incredible. It’s super nice to spend the evening there, as well as taking a quick walk with the dogs.

Internal area

A New Type of Housing in São Paulo
As for the internal area, options abound. THE pool is heated and 25 meters long! You can swim a lot and enjoy it even when the weather isn’t working.
Close to this space is whirlpool, which is also wonderful. The water is super warm and works until midnight. Although the space is entirely glazed, some parts are covered with a pattern that follows the brand’s logo, giving a greater feeling of coziness. And for those who like a good sauna, they have two options: dry and steam.
Another part of the building that we ended up using a lot was the gourmet space. If you are curious to know, all Christmas and New Year recipes of the channel were recorded over there. In fact, this is a great space to gather the crowd! This is an area that needs to be rented separately, as if it were a ballroom.
A New Type of Housing in São Paulo
And whoever follows me on instagram, @nocedanielle, saw my countless stories at the V House academy! The variety of equipment is great and, if you are the first to arrive, you can put the music you want to play in the room ?


A New Type of Housing in São Paulo
As I have already said to you, the apartment It’s coming equipped and decorated. Still, I took small items of decoration to feel more at home! The division of spaces is very well thought out, with the living room and kitchen following an open concept.
In that same area, behind the living room, an office desk. It is great for those who work from home or study. And if you receive friends at home, they can use a small toilet that is hidden on the side.
The room was a universe apart. Separated from the other “rooms”, it has a more intimate atmosphere and with a divine bed! The closet is super spacious and, next to it, is a smaller room with a small table and some shelves. Following this corridor, the bathroom of the room – which is also excellent.
As if that were not enough, the location from V House also deserves praise. The building is between Faria Lima it’s at Rebouças, a region full of facilities, such as the subway, the mall, great shops and restaurants. After so many days spent at the V House, I confess that I will miss all the comfort!
For those who want to see more details about the room and the entire structure of the place, we took a full video tour ?

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