A new wardrobe for 2016

A new wardrobe for 2016

I don’t know about you, but I keep getting lost in the closet mess! Our wardrobe looks like it becomes a warehouse for used clothes that you will never use again! And why keep this closet all messed up and full of unnecessary pieces?
I decided to list the indispensable steps for an organized wardrobe! Nothing better than taking the holidays to clean and donate several things to those who need this Christmas, right?

What goes and what stays?


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I know there are sentimental pieces, I have mine myself – I already told you here, remember? However, we don’t need to cling to dozens of clothes that we will never wear again! Do an exercise and see what is really worth keeping in your closet!
Haven’t used it for over a year? Goodbye! Okay, this rule has some minor exceptions like a party dress or a super classic piece that turns and moves back into fashion! If the clothes don’t fit you anymore, don’t keep saving and losing space! When you lose weight you buy a new one! It’s no use leaving that moldy dress at the bottom of the closet, is it?
If I still haven’t convinced you, just think of how many thousands of people need that shirt you don’t wear because you press it on your back? Or in those old jeans that you don’t even think about wearing? Guys, nothing better than letting go! You make room for more and still do good! Christmas is always a great date to reflect on!

Where to start?


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No more mixing those everyday shorts with the party blouse! You need to think about compartments! I already had phases when I tidied the closet by colors, but what really makes the difference is the occasion that you intend to use the piece. Think of at least four occasions: day to day, work / school, night (like bar looks) and party! Separate the clothes that fit each one. You will notice that many of them are wild cards and serve to go from work to dinner with friends, for example.

Be more practical!


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What you use infrequently – cold coats and party dresses, for example – put on higher shelves! A great tip is to use those vacuum bags to store this type of clothing that normally takes up a lot of space!
Also, always set aside a drawer for your lingerie and socks – if you have a bigger closet or those drawers under your bed, use them for that! Depending on the size of the drawers, you can join with the pajamas.
Use some boxes to store your belts and other accessories. Jewelry can be found in many other places – I’ve already shown it here! Scarves can gain space on hangers!

Clean touch


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Usually the dresses, shirts and finer pieces (night and party) go to the hangers! ALWAYS opt for simple hangers in the same color. If they are with velvet, even better, because the pieces will not slip! Leave them all facing the same side and limit one piece to each! The pants, however, can stay together as long as it is that special hanger (the one with several “floors”).
In the drawers, separate the pieces day by day by color! These small changes make viewing too easy!
Did you like the tips?

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