A Prestinaria – Bread House in Curitiba

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Everyone has a “mystery place”, be it in the city itself or in any other one visited – very Brazilian or gringa. I explain. Mystery place is that establishment that somehow catches your eye on the façade but that you pass by so quickly and you just have time to think “I need to get in there, I need to know this corner”. That, corner. Generally, my mystery places are very small and easily camouflaged by large buildings or green. In the case of Prestinaria, it was green. And the fact that I always drive there (and that’s where the philosophy of walking or cycling applies – stopping suddenly is much easier).
prestinaria curitiba ickfd marina mori2photos by Juliano Lamur
Each “pass in front” of Casa dos Pães, as it is known, lasted about five seconds by car and I was delighted every time. But there was never time to write down the name, I don’t know. It happens, right? You also happen to date a person, times after the first “passed in front”, who has the same taste for mystery places and … tchanan! Visit guaranteed. We spent a cold evening at Prestinaria and I can say that it was not only the balcony decorated with wooden tables, low and comfortable sofas or even the crybaby that gained space to grow in the corner of the deck (the awning has an opening for the trunk free) that won me over. It was the smell. You could smell fresh bread outside, a few steps away.
prestinaria curitiba ickfd marina mori6
There the service * is at the counter, that is, you take a look at the menu and choose what you want. I chose a toasted croissant with Minas cheese, Juliano took some cheese breads, a vanilla eclair and a puff pastry with guava and cream. My sister Gabi had a spinach quiche. So far, all very tasty – my croissant was delicious! From the photo you can see that it is not one of those huge, fat people, but don’t be fooled by appearances. The dough was very leafy and the melted Minas cheese was the perfect combination.
prestinaria curitiba ickfd marina mori3prestinaria curitiba ickfd marina mori4
They have several cakes and pies, but as it was late afternoon production was already scarce. I had a piece of ricotta pie (I didn’t even have time to photograph it, sorry) and Gabi took this truffle pie. Thin… But hot. I think the thing is to go back there to be sure of the sweets. And at a time when everything is very fresh!
prestinaria curitiba ickfd marina mori5
The story of the word “prestinaria” is very interesting. During the Roman Empire, people made their bread at home; after a while, someone had the idea of ​​opening a public space just for that and then the first public bakeries – prestinarias, in northern Italy – appeared. Over time, the locals became a meeting point and had several products in addition to the always delicious daily breads. When the Roman Empire fell, the prestinarians were extinguished. And it was only in the 17th century that France, this time, took over (and improved!) The art of bread making.
prestinaria curitiba ickfd marina mori1
Ah! Every Saturday, from 7 am to 2 pm, there is a brunch for a single price – you will spend around R $ 25 to R $ 30. It looks very tasty and I can’t wait to try it. And the big one over there is Brownie, but there was no more when I arrived (it was almost closing, now.), So here’s the tip for the next one, right?
* About the service: I heard a lot (like, a lot) people complaining about the long, bad, bad-tempered service there. Well, in my experience, only one of the attendants was, say, in a state of humor that would not be defined as the best and the order took a long time to arrive, really. The way is to try to go again a few more times and see if this is the problem: /
Monday to Friday, from 7:30 am to 7:00 pm
Saturday from 7am to 3pm
Euclides da Cunha Street, 699 – Bigorrilho
Between Rua Saldanha Marinho and Rua Carlos de Carvalho
Phone: (41) 3342-4576 / (41) 3014-4576

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