A thousand and one Utilities

A thousand and one Utilities

Canning jars are true wildcard in the decoration! I love using them to organize the kitchen, but I’m going to show you the not-so-common uses of these jars. Your house will be beautiful and, moreover, much more organized!

Photo 1 – Irish Hot Sauce / Photo 2 – Architects / Photo 3 – Fmera Blog

These jars are cute, right? They are super versatile and you can organize from the bathroom to the kitchen! I loved the option of adapting it to a soap dish. They are also great for placing toothbrushes and toothpaste – much better than the famous cups. In the kitchen, in addition to the primary utility (canned food), they are amazing for organizing cutlery in a new way! They can be coated, like the one in the photo, or totally transparent. Just use your creativity!
Food and drinks

Photo 1 – Snacks and Twine / Photo 2 – Lovin Blog / Photo 3 – Making souvenirs

Their main function is for food, why not reinvent it? The drinks are so cute and the more colorful, the better! The sweets can be spread in the jars around the house during a party, for example! Now if you make the line more healthy, the colorful salads look beautiful in them. You can still take it as a lunch box, if you want!

Photo 1 – Etsy / Photo 2 – The Garden Love / Photo 3 – Whimsical weddings in wonderland

Remember that post from the air plants? Okay, now you know where to put yours! With flowers they become even more romantic and feminine! It is a much cheaper option than vases and they look beautiful in every room of the house.


Photo 1 – Snacks and twine / Photo 2 – Indulgy / Photo 3 – Trend Police

I love different lighting! I think it completely changes the environment. The pots end up being very simple suggestions, but no less charming than pendants and indirect lights. The variations are diverse: candles, adaptations to chandeliers or flasher!


Photo 1 – A Cultivated Nest / Photo 2 – Amor Semper Amor / Photo 3 – Lights for All Occasions

I confess that I was crazy about the first photo. Pots, in addition to being super functional in kitchens, take up so little space – and attached to the top even less. The flowers also in these personalized vases make any environment more delicate. Just a coat of paint makes all the difference. And as I already said, I couldn’t leave out the lit pots. The turn signals are very practical and will not only be used at the holidays!
I’m already dying to buy dozens of these and spread them around the house! Is that you?

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