A tour of Florence for those who love gastronomy

A tour of Florence for those who love gastronomy

One of the biggest attractions of traveling through Italy is having the opportunity to enjoy the country’s gastronomy. Each region and even each city has dishes that are unique and Tuscany, in particular, is full of particularities regarding the gastronomy of its most famous cities.
Its capital, Florence, enchants with its landscapes, churches, museums and, of course, with its restaurants. Taking a gastronomic tour of the city, knowing its most traditional dishes and places geared towards those who love the subject also makes the travel experience even more interesting!
Special dinner at the best restaurant in town
Known as the best restaurant in Florence, Enoteca Pinchiorri is the only restaurant in Tuscany with three stars in the Michelin guide. It is quite suitable to celebrate special occasions for offering a very unique dining experience.
It is a more expensive restaurant, requiring reservations and with a dress code more formal. It is on the ground floor of an 18th century palace and is known for the excellence and perfection of its dishes. The biggest highlight, however, is its cellar! They say it is considered the most valuable in Tuscany, perhaps even in Italy.

A tour of Florence for those who love gastronomy

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Wine tasting in an enoteca

The most beautiful wineries in Italy are found in Tuscany and, precisely for that reason, wine tourism is very strong there! The grapes grow between breathtaking landscapes and the walks to get to know the whole process are wonderful.
Just to name a few interesting wineries that offer tours, we have Biondi Santi (in Montalcino), Barone Ricasoli (in Chianti) and Antinori (in Val di Pesa). Even so, you can also enjoy the region’s wines in the Tuscan capital itself! To do this, schedule a stop at one of the several wine bars in the city.

A tour of Florence for those who love gastronomy

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Discover the Central Market and the Sant’Ambrogio Market

The Central Market is Florence’s main food market and has therefore become quite a tourist destination. The entrance is close to the São Lourenço Market, a street market with stalls selling handicrafts. There you can buy meats, cheeses, wines, fruits, vegetables and other local products. Other than that, the market also has a part of restaurants where you can taste the best of Tuscan cuisine!
The Sant’Ambrogio market is another good option and, despite selling products and ingredients similar to the Central Market, it is the favorite of many chefs and cooks.

A tour of Florence for those who love gastronomy

Source: Luma Peganella (Florence Central Market)

Tasting traditional foods

Florence has a very traditional and striking cuisine that is known throughout Italy and even internationally. Peasant-inspired, it includes items such as olive oil, tomatoes, hams and salami. What attracts travelers the most, however, is the bistecca alla Fiorentina, a soft, thick grilled fillet.
We still have typical dishes like pappa al pomodoro (mixture of tomato sauce, bread, olive oil, garlic and salt), ribolita (a kind of soup with vegetables, beans and onions that is served with slices of bread with garlic) and trippa alla fiorentina (cow’s stomach with tomato sauce and Tuscan spices).

A tour of Florence for those who love gastronomy

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In terms of desserts, we have many sweets made with ground almonds or chestnuts. The panforte, for example, is a small cake with ground almonds, orange peel and honey. Another sweet that is usually served at the end of the meal is cantucci, anise biscuits with almonds that are dipped in coffee or wine to soften.

A tour of Florence for those who love gastronomy

Source: Very EATalian (Cantucci)

Go through many gelaterias

Finally, the best part of this gastronomic tour of Florence! Of course I’m talking about gelato! It is said to have been invented in Tuscany, so it is obvious that you need to stop at every corner to pick up such a delight and discover the charms of Florence. Want good directions? Be sure to stop by the La Carraia and Carapina gelaterias.

A tour of Florence for those who love gastronomy

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By Mariana Martins, from Mari and The City

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