A tour of Russian cuisine

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Russia is an incredible country that guarantees a great trip for anyone who is interested in history, arts, culture and architecture. And, of course, gastronomy too! While Moscow it is more cosmopolitan and with the air of a big city, Saint Petersburg it has a more imperial architecture and a calmer lifestyle.
There are many interesting art galleries, beautiful churches, good restaurants, cool places to shop, the incredible Kremlin and its museums, as well as famous historic squares that are worth visiting in Moscow. It also has a number of really cool attractions, like the famous museum Hermitage (one of the largest and most important in the world), the museum Fabergé and the beautiful palace of Petehof (on the outskirts of the city).
russian-cuisine-marianamartins-st-basils-cathedralSt Basili’s Cathedral
russian-cuisine-marianamartins-museum-hermitageHermitage Museum – Photos: Mariana Martins (www.mariandthecity.com.br)
In terms of gastronomy, Moscow has a very vibrant, high-quality setting with an impressive variety of flavors from both international cuisine and regional specialties. The country’s gastronomy is very striking and it is worth knowing some of its famous dishes. Borsch is a soup that is considered one of the most well-known gastronomic items in the country, and I would say that it is also essential to taste our famous stroganoff in their native land.
russian-cuisine-marianamartins-borschtrussian-cuisine-marianamartins-stroganoff-ickfdPhotos: Wikimedia Commons
As I have just returned from a trip in Russia, of course I couldn’t help paying attention to some typical desserts from the country too! Among them, blins it’s the medovik cake. The blin is the Russian version of the French crepe. I think the biggest difference in relation to the French sweet is even in the companions that come with the blin dough. Overall, it can be smoked salmon, cream of mushrooms, jams or condensed milk. The more sophisticated versions of the blin, however, are accompanied by red salmon or caviar.
The Russian dessert known as medovik cake it will please those who like honey very much. He is very common in Russia and is successful at birthday parties. It is a cake formed by several very thin layers of a kind of honey-based sponge cake alternated with a caramel cream. The final touch is to throw a layer of crushed nuts over it.
russian-cuisine-marianamartins-bolo-medovikPhotos: Wikimedia Commons
Did you like the curiosities? Which of these dishes would you taste first?

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