A visit to Amsterdam

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And we can’t live on Portuguese sweets alone, right?
I took a long weekend to visit Amsterdam and was enchanted! The city is a charm: the houses, the canals, the bicycles, the boat-houses, the tulips, the people …
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But of course I would not fail to try the typical sweets and share with you here!
First Appeltaart, aka Apple Pie.
One of the most famous places to eat at Appeltaart is the Winked, so much so that the first time I tried to go there was a huge line that left for the street. I am not at all adept at queuing and did not want to waste time, as I still had a lot to know. So I came back the other day and sat at a table inside because it was cold, but there are tables on the sidewalk and at the door too.
I went in the late afternoon and ordered the pie (of course!) And a warm tea with mint – a very common drink in Amsterdam’s cafes – and this one still accompanied honey to sweeten it.
Winked is not exactly a cafe, but also a restaurant and bar, with options for lunch and dinner. I can’t say if it’s worth it or not, but here’s the tip! And about the pie: it’s worth it!
Winked: Noordermarkt, 43 – http://www.winkel43.nl/
Still on the Appeltaart route, during our hikes, we tried another one that I found even better in a place called Villa Zeezicht.
gastronomic-itineraries-amsterdam-flavia-guimaraes-ickfd5Credits: tripadvisor (I had no battery in the cell at the moment).
I couldn’t register, but my friends ate the pie with vanilla ice cream, and I ordered with cinnamon ice cream. That’s right, folks: cinnamon ice cream with warm apple pie is the best combination! Villa Zeezicht’s address is Torensteeg, 7.
Another candy found in Holland is the Stroopwafel, that waffle cookie stuffed with caramel. You can find it in any confectionery shop, cafe or even in stalls scattered across the street. I bought it at a shopping center called De Bijenkorf, which is in one of the main squares in the city. Inside there is a bakery and you can eat there or take it home. I went for the second option: I bought some packages and left happy!
What I think is that they all end up being a bit similar in taste, but I’ll give you a precious tip from a friend of mine who lives in the Netherlands: it is their custom to put Stroopwafel on top of a mug of warm tea. The steam makes the caramel melt and tastes even better. Of course, I’ve only eaten like that ever since. ?
Where to find – De Bijenkorf: Dam, 1
And just to finish the fat tips in Amsterdam, I will list three must-see:

  1. French fries sold in cones, which you can find all over the city. And you can even eat with sauces of your choice;
  2. The cheese shops! Without comments, only those who are crazy about cheese will understand;
  3. “Febos” croquettes – incredible! Put the coin, remove the salty and ready! – it has all over the city too.

Who has been, share more tips here in the comments! Who has not yet, write everything down and have a good trip! ?

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