A year without soft drinks

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Anyone who saw my goal earlier this year knows that I cut soft drinks off my menu. It is not so easy at first, but if you want to know more about this process, check out some tips here.
I’m completing a year without any kind of soda. Well, except for a sip of the soda “Guaraná Jesus”, which I experienced in an academic work in the discipline of Brazilian cuisine. It was in the second half of 2015, in a gastronomy course in which I was a judge – but it doesn’t count, right? The preparation presented was from the state of Maranhão and the students brought the soft drink to accompany them.
Challenge practically completed, which means having passed through all birthdays, weekends, holidays and other festivities without consuming the volume of sugar present in these products, nor their dyes and preservatives.
one-year-without-soda-ickfdPhotos: HypeScience / Tumblr
It was a very worthwhile experience and one that I recommend. Over time, you will adapt to drinking coffees and juices with less or no sugar. Even sleep improves! Anyway, I will not say that the benefits will reflect on everyone, after all each person is a unique individual, but I can say that soda is neither nutrient nor functional. In other words: the lack of it will not cause you harm.
The challenge was to control a habit, to re-educate myself. Do I intend to take again? I can take it again, at one time or another, but it will not be as constant as it once was. From this “first step”, now for 2016 I will control other points in my diet. Consume bitterest chocolates, diversify my menu further in other aspects and, of course, read more about food products, a custom that we, in general, unfortunately do not have.
To my dear colleagues, we who work with food, know that our concern with weight and taxes is different. Regardless of the work you, the reader, do, my suggestion for 2016 is: is there anything in your diet that you can change since January 1st? May we have a new year full of achievements, growth and challenges!
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