Aaah, the French baguettes …

Aaah, the French baguettes ...


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If there’s one thing I love about France, it’s baguette. There is nothing more Parisian than facing a beautiful line in the late afternoon and returning home (or hotel) with the best baguette in the world in the bag!

What many people do not know is that France has an annual contest that chooses the best baguette in the country! This year, for the second time, French baker of Senegalese origin Djibril Bodian won. He works from the bakery Grenier à Pain (38, rue des Abbesses, XVIIIe). The cool thing about this contest is that the professional is recognized, not just the place where he works.


Photo – Cristina Mello

If you are not very close to the winning bakery, there are still other highly rated bakers:

  • Sami Bouattour, 193 rue de Tolbiac (13th century);
  • Hure, Avenida Victor Hugo 150 (16th century);
  • Christian Vabret and Philippe Samoes, rue d’Alésia 30 (14th century);
  • Jacky Renouf, 249 boulevard Voltaire (XI);
  • Régis Chevant, 152 avenue de Versailles (16th century);
  • Charles-Didier Tchouassi, 63 rue de Turbigo (3rd arrondissement);
  • Jean-José Philippe, 25 avenue de Saint-Ouen (17th century)
  • Les Gourmandises d’Eiffel, 187 rue de Grenelle (7th arrondissement);
  • Abdallah Mourag, 85 rue Saint-Dominique (7th district);
  • Guillaume Delcourt, 100 rue Boileau (16th century).


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Tip: If you want to explore and discover the best bakery in the region, just watch which one has the longest line between 16:30 and 17:30 (time that Parisians usually buy their baguettes). Even in the best bakeries (or the bakery), it is very difficult to find something after 18:00, because even after closing they prefer to make less baguettes so as not to be left over for the next day. It’s all fresh!

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