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Hi guys! How is everything there?
Several complicated events have been happening in Brazil and in the world lately, and sometimes we can’t (or don’t want to) be unaware of it all. There is no need to look far: just scroll your ten seconds timeline in any social network to find a controversial opinion, which leads to discussions that may not be very fruitful and that can bring out the worst in human beings. We know that this journey can be repeated several times a day, to the frustration of those involved.
At these times it can be useful to remain calm. It may be that things still work, I believe. And it may have something to do with coffee.
Reading a magazine I like very much, I came across another day with a text from Gustavo Gitti who said that one of the most revolutionary acts that can be committed is to become aware of our own journey, to look carefully around, not to be in such a hurry. I fully agree. Seeing people as something more than an obstacle in traffic or in the subway line is an exercise that needs to be done daily. Looking into the eyes of the other is an excellent practice, even though it is not very common these days.
Sometimes I wonder how distant the reality of specialty coffees can seem to many of us. We live in a system in which we are always busy, trying to be efficient, build something, plan everything. The choice of coffee can be restricted to one pass (one-way, so as not to waste time) in the supermarket / sugar / biscuits / chocolates aisle, a brief look at the price tag and there you go, the coffee of the week is gone or month from the market shelf to the home shelf.
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Perhaps there is another way to choose what we are going to drink, and that can be a metaphor for life. Confectionery and bakery make monks, the Antonio Nogueira. Coffee is no different. The time to drink a cup of coffee is often an oasis in the middle of the day, a welcome break for reflection. In addition to what’s in the cup, there is a story that certainly involved many people, from the farm to the palate.
Seeking a coffee produced with responsibility, preparing it with care and sharing this experience with someone are ways to look into the eyes of everyone who was involved in this process. Doesn’t that seem like a good starting point? ?
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