Ace Hotel Seattle
Ace hotel seattle

Ace Hotel Seattle

We arrived in Seattle and nothing better than staying in a hotel with a great bed, right? Cozy and clean rooms make all the difference on the trip! We started our stay at Ace Hotel with a great night’s sleep and woke up to a delicious breakfast – it couldn’t be better!

ace-hotel-seattle-accommodation-travel-danielle-noce-1 Photo – Dash Yellow

The hotel has 28 rooms, some with private bathrooms, like ours, and others shared. Regardless of which one you choose, they all have a minibar and super beautiful and comfortable furniture. In addition, each of the rooms has a different decor, which I think is incredible. In fact, the decor of the hotel is more minimalist, just the way I like it!

ace-hotel-seattle-accommodation-travel-danielle-noce-3 Picture – MyHouseIdea

Another strength of Ace is the location. It is located at 2423 First Avenue, in the Belltown neighborhood. The hotel is 6 blocks from downtown Seattle, surrounded by bars and restaurants and 25 minutes from the airport.

ace-hotel-seattle-accommodation-travel-danielle-noce-4 Picture – Joe Mabel

In addition to the snack bar they have there, the shared kitchen is a great option for those who don’t want to spend a lot. Pass on Pike Place Market, which is less than 1 km away, buy some delicacies and venture into the kitchen!

ace-hotel-seattle-accommodation-travel-danielle-noce-5 Photo – Reserve

And that’s not all, see? One of the things I loved the most here is that they allow small animals to enter without extra cost! It is rare to find this type of hotel here, it is super worth it for those who cannot travel without the pets ?
Now that we are well settled, we can’t wait to get to know this incredible city and enjoy the sunny days here!

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