Adele: Is Her Violent Weight Loss Dangerous?

Adele: Is Her Violent Weight Loss Dangerous?

Adele is said to have lost around 45 kilos in a very short time. spot on news asked a nutrition trainer what effects such a weight loss can have.

The British singer Adele (32, “Hello”) amazes the world. The hit guarantor is said to have lost around 45 kilos in a very short time. The news agency spot on news asked an expert what consequences such a drastic weight loss can have. Silke Kayadelen (51), also known from “The Biggest Loser”, is a personal trainer, fitness and nutrition coach, owns a YouTube channel all about training and healthy living and has already published several books on the subject – including, for example, “Das Bikini- Bootcamp: The Intensive Weight Loss Program “(Riva Verlag).

Adele has lost an incredible 150 pounds. What does such a drastic weight loss do to the body?

Silke Kayadelen: A weight loss of 45 kilos in a relatively short period of time is not always a problem for a healthy person. As long as she is holding the weight and not gaining weight again, the benefits of heavy weight loss will of course outweigh them.

What are the dangers of such drastic weight loss?

There are no direct dangers in healthy people. It is only important that such a rapid decrease does not result in a disturbed relationship to food and, if necessary, a so-called eating disorder or a disturbed relationship to food has developed.

How does the skin behave in such a case?

This varies from person to person and depends, among other things, on the duration of the excess weight and the connective tissue.

Are interventions necessary afterwards?

Extremely excess skin may need to be surgically corrected.

What changes in health will Adele experience physically?

The most noticeable change is, of course, her body feeling. Adele is a young woman, mother, successful business woman and was an attractive woman even before her acceptance test. Weight loss totally changed her type. Completely new style, she looks very sexy and of course now dresses accordingly. After the physical changes, such as resilience, the external change is of course the biggest change.

How do you manage not to fall back into old behavior patterns after such a success?

Such weight loss occurs naturally as a result of a large reduction in caloric intake. It is only successful or permanent if it takes place through a change in lifestyle. Healthy, low-calorie diet combined with physical activity. It is important to make this a daily routine and to live it permanently. That is why this change must also suit everyone personally and guarantee a long-term horizon. Losing weight is one thing. The supreme discipline is holding.

Adele has slimmed down with the so-called “sirtfood” diet. How does this method work?

The “sirtfood” diet is just another so-called celebrity diet that is said to be based on the stimulation of certain endogenous enzymes, the sirtuins, for example by secondary plant substances. The sirtuins stimulated in this way are then supposed to help build muscle and lose fat, according to the advertising claims. This then results in the various nutritional components of a corresponding diet.

Here you can find out what you have to consider with the sirtfood diet!


Sirtfood: This is how the singer lost her kilos

Singer Adele is freshly slim on the beach – the pretty British woman has lost many, many pounds. Your secret? In addition to a lot of exercise, the sirtfood diet is said to have helped her lose weight. You can find out what it is and how it works here.

Are there any special features?

There are no special features in the “sirtfood” diet. A change in lifestyle (exercise and diet) is still the basis of any weight loss.

Would you recommend this diet to others?

I do not recommend the “sirtfood” diet.

In addition, Adele should do Pilates regularly – a method that helps you lose weight quickly?

Pilates is a very useful addition to sports during weight loss and not just there. I am a trained Pilates trainer myself and love it. However, because of its relatively low energy consumption, Pilates is not suitable for weight loss. I would recommend HIIT (high-intensity interval training), bodyweight, tabata, etc., for example.

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