After addiction to fast food, Australian woman loses almost 60 kilos within a year

After addiction to fast food, Australian woman loses almost 60 kilos within a year

Sandra Abbey, 35, from Melbourne has been addicted to fast food for years. The result: a body weight of 127 kilograms and an annual expenditure of over 6,000 dollars. But then she radically changed her life and lost almost 60 kilos!

It all started 15 years ago when the Australian Sandra Abbey addicted to fast food becomes. From this time on she eats burgers and fries up to eight times a week and has put on eight dress sizes within a short period of time. The British online magazine “” describes their fate.

It wasn’t until Sandra gave birth to her little daughter Lara in 2015, she realizes that she has to change something. In order to be a good role model for her daughter, Sandra wants to fight her addiction. She completely changed her diet and underwent a stomach reduction in 2017.

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Medical intervention was not an easy decision

The decision to make the stomach smaller was not easy for her. But then Sandra Abbey has lost almost 57 kilograms within a year. In retrospect, she estimated that she had spent nearly $ 95,000 on the tons of fast food over the past 15 years. In comparison, the $ 16,892 stomach reduction surgery seems like a bargain.

Right decisions are never easy

The difference is really overwhelming! Sandra explained to the online edition of the “Daily Mail”: “I’ve never felt better.” Before changing her diet, she had a chicken burger, a junior cheese burger, a large portion of fries and drank a large cola for breakfast. So she started the day with thousands of calories. That would have covered almost all of her calorie needs for the whole day – just after breakfast.

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Radical approach
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Today Sandra has an egg white omelette for breakfast, a few almonds as a snack and, for example, a tomato and tuna salad with grilled chicken breast for dinner. Your diet change worked; Sandra has lost an incredible amount and feels like a new person – happy and confident. She never wants to go back to fast food.

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