After all, what is ammonium bicarbonate?

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Spoonful of bicarbonate
I have always loved organic chemistry, this one full of carbons, hydrogen bonds and other combined letters from the periodic table. When we read that everything in this life is chemical, we realize how true that statement is. Especially in the kitchen.
Still, there are some words that are easily confused, like the Sodium bicarbonate it’s the Ammonium bicarbonate. Well, to start, they are from the same family as the salts, as the first name says; D
Another similarity is that they both work like baking in cooking, but that’s where the question comes in. Ammonium bicarbonate is widely used in the preparation of breads, cookies and cakes, as it gives that aspect of crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. In the heat of the oven, its strong flavor disappears quickly, unlike what happens with sodium bicarbonate. Who has never tried putting a teaspoon in the cake mixture to make it more fluffy and when you tried it … pimba! “What a strange metallic taste, that one.” The person responsible for metallic taste it was him, baking soda. (In addition, this salt acts faster, that is: better for recipes that stay in the oven for a short time, like cookies. I explained the difference between baking soda and chemical yeast in this post here.)
To prevent this from happening, just add some acidic ingredient, such as vinegar or lemon.
Remember the Red Velvet cake? Then, it emerged from the combination of a cake made with cocoa, which in contact with baking soda + vinegar, made the dough a beautiful red and velvety texture. Wonderful, right? But that’s another story and you can read the post here!
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Okay, but where to buy ammonium bicarbonate?
I confess that I never saw it on the market to sell it (maybe because I didn’t look for it right), but I found it on Bombay’s website, a brand well known for its spices. You will probably find emporiums or health food stores, too. If you know of another place that sells, comment down here for us to share knowledge; D
PS: On the Liquid Preservatives website, I found the right measure to use ammonium bicarbonate in a recipe: it says that the dosage is 1% to 4% on the weight of wheat flour.
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