Against the heat, foods that keep the inside cool

Against the heat, foods that keep the inside cool

Outside the thermometer climbs higher and higher and inside we sweat with the slightest movement. Those who don’t have air conditioning now are poor. It’s good that there are foods that keep us cool from the inside.

One heat wave chases the next and we really just want to lie around in the cool breeze with an ice-cold drink. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work, after all, we have to work too. But it doesn’t have to be the fan to cool us down. Certain foods are also sufficient, for example many types of fruit and vegetables.

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The main thing is a high proportion of water

Melon, strawberries, oranges – fruit is always healthy and delicious. And also helps you cool down in this weather due to its high water content. It also contains many vitamins and minerals that help keep your body functioning at its best.

Vegetables with a high water content are also recommended, such as cucumber, lettuce and the like. It also helps to keep your bikini figure in summer. Simply add five servings a day to the menu.

By the way: Researchers have found a promising means of losing weight!

Slim without a diet?  Bacterium is said to help you lose weight.

Slim without a diet?
Researchers discover bacteria that help lose weight

Lose weight – without any diet or strenuous endurance sports? What sounds unbelievable could soon become a reality. The secret weapon in the fight against extra pounds: bacteria!

Yogurt and peppermint against the heat

If you don’t just want to live on tomatoes, cucumber and Co., you can also use dairy products. A refreshing yoghurt or a glass of kefir is also used in hot countries in Asia to cool off.

You can spice up your drinks with a stick of peppermint. The menthol it contains also helps cool down. It is also very important not to drink too many cold drinks. Because, paradoxically, they make us even warmer. The body tries to counteract the cold and produces even more heat to compensate. After all, nobody wants that!

If you are not hungry in the heat at noon, you should not force yourself to eat something. The main meal can then be eaten in the evening when it has got a little cooler.

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