Airport Look in Summer

Airport Look in Summer

With the sun it was doing in São Paulo yesterday, I just couldn’t go to the airport in my pants! Usually, my airport looks are warmer, with fine stitches because the air conditioning can be strong, but in a short trip to Rio you can go with a fresher look.
I always prioritize comfort, that is, tennis is almost indispensable in an airport look! Incidentally, you know this darling and companion of all trips well, right? When he tears it I will have a big problem – and look that he is already in the last ?
A loose T-shirt is also great, because in addition to not wrinkling, the production is even more casual. In fact, I’m in love with these wide sleeves and oversized modeling!
I love denim shorts and the destroyed model is perfect for this kind of wider look. The holes make the piece even more stylish. For those who do not live without the fabric, I made a post with my favorite jeans and light clothes for the summer.
Finally, I took a small handbag and a large Calvin Klein bag!

  1. T-Shirt | Triton
  2. Shorts | Calvin Klein
  3. Tennis | Vans
  4. Purse | Calvin Klein
  5. Hand bag | Bric’s

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