Ajay Rochester “I’ve gained a pound every week!”

When does she finally come to her senses? The Australian presenter Ajay Rochester continues to grow. She knows herself: she is playing with her life!

She can’t stop Ajay Rochester continues to grow. She already has over 50 kilos on her hips – and the end of the “difficult” time is not in sight! A few years ago, the 44-year-old still had a real dream figure and moderated on TV. Ironically, the Australian version of “The Biggest Loser”, a show that is supposed to help overweight people lose weight. Then Ajay stumbled into the feeding trap herself: “To be completely honest: I can eat a lot of crap in one day,” she said in an interview with the Australian radio station 2Day FM. “Then I have to lie down because I can no longer move.” Critical remarks, because Ajay Rochester is playing with her life if she continues like this, is clear to her. But she still can’t stop. “I’ve gained about a kilo every week,” she reveals. “I’m huge.” With her eating habits, no surprise: pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausages – she starts the day with breakfast for three people. Then it continues with burgers and fries. “Every day I get something to eat from fast-food restaurants,” she tells 2Day FM and confesses: “It’s very serious: I’ll eat myself to death.” She hasn’t lost any of her sense of humor. In Las Vegas, Ajay was romping around in the pool of a hotel with her son Kai and was obviously having fun when a wave knocked her over. The 44-year-old with mental health problems explains that she is getting fatter, pound for pound. Ajay Rochester was adopted and abused by her adoptive mother. At 22, she found her birth mother, who committed suicide six years later. A tragic family story that is sure to burden your soul as much as food addiction burdens your body. Hopefully Ajay will find a way to deal with both – before it’s too late. You can find the best Marians Welt news on Facebook! Become a fan now!

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