Akuaba – Maceio

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At Akuaba we find Afro-Brazilian food with a family tradition. Under the command of D. Vera Moreira and his son, Chef Jonatas Moreira, the restaurant is a national reference. Acarajés, moquecas, seafood and caipiroscas in exotic combinations like Jambo with raspberry make this place unique.
It is worth tasting the octopus or seafood moqueca, the best acarajé and a delicious Cocada to finish.
On Saturdays, fresh oysters with champagne.
photos by Arthur Moura

Oysters with Chimichurri sauce akuaba3

Octopus stew akuaba2

Congo-style shrimp akuaba1


akuaba5 Mixed caipiroscas: Pitanga with Sicilian Lemon

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