Alcohol despite a diet You don’t gain weight from these drinks!

Alcohol despite a diet You don't gain weight from these drinks!

Alcohol and a Healthy Lifestyle? With these tricks, the next party night won’t hit your hips that much!

Alcohol and a Healthy Diet? Actually a contradiction in terms. Because if you pay attention to your figure, you should rather do without alcohol completely. But by Saturday evening at the latest, this resolution will be thrown overboard pretty quickly. After all, one or the other glass is simply sociable, tastes delicious and is fun. Besides, life is far too short to forbid all joys. It is much more important that you can switch off your guilty conscience and just enjoy yourself. If you still want to try to get through the party night as healthy as possible, you can try these tricks:

1. Put on tequila instead of vodka or gin

Do you love vodka or gin? Then now is the time to switch to tequila! Because these two schnapps in particular have a lot of calories! Vodka has a whopping 231 kcal per 100 ml and gin even has 263 kcal per 100 ml! Tequila does not have fewer calories (190 kcal / 100 ml), but also curbs the appetite and helps to keep a slim line. No joke! According to a Mexican study by the “Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the Polytechnic Institute” in Guanajuato, the typical spirit is even said to melt fat reserves and dampen appetite. How so? The tequila contains agavin, which is a natural sugar of the agave plant and is ultimately responsible for the miracle effect. Well then cheers!

2. Sparkling wine instead of Kir Royale, white wine instead of red wine

You can also save a few calories with the delicious party shower and the choice of wine: Reach for dry champagne or sparkling wine (80 kcal per 100 ml) instead of the sweet Kir Royal (110 kcal), rather the white wine (68 kcal) than red wine (80 kcal) and prefer a bottle of cider than mulled wine. In addition, dry wine always has less sugar than the sweet variant!

3. Mix it yourself!

If you mix your cocktails yourself in good company, you can really save calories and rely on healthy alternatives that taste just as good: sweeten with honey or maple syrup instead of sugar. Or try the less sweet soda alternatives or the light version without sugar.

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