All About Corn Starch

All About Corn Starch

I imagine you must have used corn starch, right? One of the biggest complaints when it comes to this ingredient is that the sweet or savory stuffs. In addition, the residual taste of the product is not at all pleasant to our palate.
Despite these problems, starch is super important in the kitchen and can become your ally if you know how to use it. So, to end all doubts, here’s a complete post with everything you need to know about the ingredient ?

What is corn starch?

All About Corn Starch

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In more technical terms, the maize starch is nothing more than a carbohydrate extracted from corn grains. A rather complicated name, so we better stick with starch!
It is nothing new for anyone that this product acts as a thickener, making our preparations firmer and yet creamy. Even though it is mostly used in the kitchen, it is also part of compositions of hair creams and slimes, for example.

Why use it?

There are other ways to achieve texture for both sweet and savory. So why use corn starch? First of all, it is important for everyone to know that when used in the right way, creams and sauces thickened with the ingredient are delicious. velvety texture. Oh, and with no added flavor!
Another positive point for starch is that it easily dissolves in cold liquids. That is why it is so important to mix the starch with some chilled ingredient before incorporating the product into the rest of the recipe.
But Dani, and the wheat flour, does it also not have the same effect? In general, there is. However, the starch is more concentrated and ends up having a greater power, in addition to cooking more quickly.

When to use?

Besides creams, roofing, sauce and sauces, corn starch is also useful for preparing pies and cookies. In these cases, the ingredient comes in as a way to make the dough softer. It is as if the starch made the biscuit melt better on our palate.
What few people know is that starch also serves to leave cakes lighter! Try removing two tablespoons of flour for each cup ordered in the recipe and adding 2 of cornstarch. The result will surely surprise you ?

What mistakes should I avoid?

The list here is long, so we will focus on the main ones. The first, which we already mentioned in the post, is to dissolve the starch in a cold liquid to prevent it from piling up. It is also not highly recommended to stir the recipes vigorously with starch. If you do, the texture will lose its velvety characteristic. Mix all delicately and avoid a future headache!
If you used starch and your preparation did not thicken, confirm the shelf life of the ingredient. Oh, and when mixed with acidic substances his thickening power also decreases. In this case it is worth increasing the measure a little.
Last but not least, be sure to take care of the temperature. The corn starch needs to be dissolved with the warm mixture, without it heating up too quickly. Note that the more slowly it is incorporated into the recipe, the better the final result.
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