All About Crème Brûlée
All about creme brulee

All About Crème Brûlée

With a crunchy sugar crust covering the super velvety vanilla cream, the crème brûlée is loved by many people out there. The most surprising thing about this dessert is the contrast of temperatures: the hot top and the very cold cream. Only those who have eaten this delight can tell you how amazing it is!
If you want to have this French wonderfulness in your home, some care needs to be taken so that the final result is perfect. So, to help the pastry chefs on duty, let’s share all the information and tips on the crème brûlée.


creme brulee

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The golden and crunchy sugar on top of the candy is one of the main characteristics of the crème brûlée. However, color and texture are not achieved with any sugar. In this case, the ingredient needs to be thicker and yellowish.
Brown is the most used, since it is not as processed. Many people end up confusing it with demerara, but this other version of the ingredient is even more difficult to dissolve. Another option is to use crystal sugar! Here on the website you can find a complete post talking about the most common types of sugar!
Because this part is full of sugar at the top of the dessert, the cream itself cannot be too sweet. That is, be careful when dosing the ingredients; Also, don’t forget that neat pinch of salt that elevates the flavor ?


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The crème brûlée must be cooked in a double boiler. That way, the heat will be better distributed and the result will be much more creamy. When not cooked like this, it is very likely that it will be granulated or turn into a large omelet.
Ideally, it should bake at a temperature of 120ºC, for about two hours. But, as most ovens do not reach such a low temperature, just cover the pan with aluminum foil for the first hour of cooking.

How to make the golden crust?

And the golden sugar crust, how to make it perfect? Come on. Before we had more technological culinary instruments, this top was made with a rounded iron, heated in the fire and then placed on top of the sugar until it melted.
Now, the best way to achieve this same result is using the torch. As not everyone has this utensil at home, it is possible to have a very similar cone using the bottom of a spoon. To do this, just heat it up for a while at the stove. Just be careful not to burn yourself.
Do not forget that the grace of crème brûlee is also in the contrast of temperatures. Therefore, do not try to make the sugar crust while the cream is still warm. Wait for the candy to cool completely before serving, making the sugar icing just in time.

Watch out for the jars

Complete recipe

The dessert container is also essential for it to work. In the case of crème brûlée, cooking is done in a shallow and relatively wide ramekin. Those more funds are used for soufflés and puddings, for example. As they are deeper, the candy takes longer to cook, risking the cream not being in the right spot in the middle.
Did you like the tips? Be sure to put all this knowledge into practice!

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