All about Synchro Skin Glow, Shiseido’s moisturizing fluid foundation

All about Synchro Skin Glow, Shiseido's moisturizing fluid foundation

A skin with a lively appearance, luminosity and that gives that feeling of hydration is the result of some special care such as food, tranquility, fluid intake, air humidity and, of course, hydration. There are many skin care that can help in this aspect, but the make should also not be neglected. Using products with good components and that take care of the skin is super important – especially if you use a lot of makeup on a daily basis.

AN Synchro Skin Glow, by Shiseido it is a fluid foundation with immediate luminous effect and properties that hydrate the skin in the long run. One of the main points is its natural effect, that is, it will seem that you didn’t use that much make up. All this in addition to the product adapting to your skin color and texture. Shall we understand better and see if it really works?

All about Synchro Skin Glow, Shiseido's moisturizing fluid foundation

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Despite the moisturizing effect, Shiseido’s Synchro Skin Glow is a cosmetic product for coverage. That is, there are many ingredients to meet all requirements. Do you know those complicated names and what people always try to escape? They are present in the composition of the base, but there are super known components that balance!

All about Synchro Skin Glow, Shiseido's moisturizing fluid foundation

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To hydrate and prevent moisture loss the product contains argan oil, cranberry seed, Yuzu seed extract. It also has antioxidant benefits present in thyme extract.


Synchro Skin Glow, by Shiseido, is a foundation with a glow and natural effect. Which brings many advantages and negative points in relation to matte coatings. Among the advantages are a more fresh and alive, coverage of lines, pores and spots. Make no mistake: it covers smoothly, but does not completely hide the expressions or leaves with an opaque effect. There is also an emphasis on the shine Natural, giving the impression that it is a more hydrated and healthy skin.

Synchro skin shine, Shiseido

What is not so good (but it can be balanced with some adaptations) is the duration of the skin and the coverage. Really the glow effect base will not cover very strong spots, very marked spots or darker dark circles. For this it is necessary to use other products, such as corrective, or accepting some skin tags. a fixative of make up it will also help to let the foundation last longer. It is worth mentioning that Shiseido’s base lasts around 8 hours depending on the climate and skin type.

In São Paulo, where we don’t have as much humidity as beach regions or a climate as dry as Brasília, and on my (mixed) skin, this is the average duration. In the summer it lasts a little less because of the humidity and sweat, but nothing that a powder or fixer does not solve.


And nothing better than moisturizing and taking care of the skin while using make-up, right? The natural ingredients in Shiseido’s Synchro Skin Glow work by preventing the skin from losing water and hydrated skin longer. In addition, the product acts with antioxidants and constantly renew cells.

All about Synchro Skin Glow, Shiseido's moisturizing fluid foundation

The base also has protection solar with factor 20 and takes care of this important point that we often forget, right? Of course, if you need a bigger factor, it can match the protector you already use.


It is important before using any cosmetic product to understand what your skin type is and what products it works best with. However, despite being a product moisturizing and glow effect, the foundation works well on any skin type. Those with drier skin will experience more immediate hydration effects. Already people of oily can use in a smaller amount of the product or combine with powders or leaving to use on drier days. It will all depend on the effect you like on the skin – and that’s super personal.

How to apply Synchro Skin Glow by Shiseido

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The application can be done with a brush or sponge, but it is also strongly recommended to do it with the hands. Because it is very liquid, the base spreads very well if applied as a cream, in the simplest possible way. And if one layer is not enough, it is free to build more layers, after all, the product is very light.


The base is for sale on various sites (click here) in the range R $ 280 *. And that is the story: there are bases of 10 to a thousand reais. They vary mainly due to the brand and confidence that the company brings by thinking about the quality and safety of the products. Shiseido’s Synchro Skin Glow undoubtedly fulfills its role very well.

* Price consulted in July 2020.


Want to see the effect of the product up close? There is a video on IGTV showing the difference between this base and another with matte effect: click here to watch.

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