All about Taiwan’s Shilin Night Market

All about Taiwan's Shilin Night Market

The concept of night markets has not yet arrived in Brazil, but it might as well! We went to know the Shilin Market, an almost mandatory attraction on all travel itineraries for Taiwan. In Asia, this type of market is quite common, so we decided to visit the largest and most famous in Taipei.
And what is different about this market? It is like a fair that has more than 500 stalls. And there you can find almost ALL to imagine. Although it seems like a place to try a variety of street foods, there you can find everything from specialized karaoke microphone stores to a mini amusement park. Can you imagine how random it is?
Not to mention that you can do massage, buy electronic items and also fish your own shrimp to take home. It has fun and different services for every corner! We have separated some information about him that will make you even more eager to know – and, who knows, plan a tour of the place ?


Shilin Night Market
THE Shilin Market has been around since 1913, but it hasn’t always worked the way we know it today! Located where it used to be Keelung River pier, on the site, products from farms around the Shilin area were sold and also where the goods were to be distributed to other ports along the river. In 1909 it was transformed into a “normal” day market and only in 1913 did it become the night market as we know it.
The Shilin Night Market grew and became popular very quickly. Until 2002, was kept in the original building, but when the structure needed to be demolished, they had to move. It took 10 years for all of the suppliers and space to reestablish themselves in the new place. But at least it happened, didn’t it? So, in 2012, the new Shilin Market finally was reopened.


Shilin Night Market
As it is a night market, it operates from 4 pm and is open until 1 am or so. The more than 500 stalls sell food, fruit, trinkets, toys and even clothes. And there’s always a rule: where there is a line and a lot of people eating, that’s where you should go.
Get ready to know various types of goods and know Negotiate each purchase. My tip is: go with a very comfortable shoe! The location is huge and you will walk a lot, especially if you want to know as much as possible!
The part of the mini amusement park that, yes, also works there, looks like our play stalls in June parties. There are several types of games that you can participate in, such as target shooting, dropping cans, popping balloons and even the famous fishing! In the end, if you win one of the games, you take home a toast, most of them toys or stuffed animals. It’s a great place to go with family and mainly to amuse people children. The weather is really like a June party forever!
Aah, and not just tourists survive this market. In reality, you will also see many residents doing their weekly shopping. I, in particular, would love it if I had one in São Paulo and would go to a lot.


Shilin Night Market

Certainly, what draws the most attention in the night market are the strange foods. But it is important to remember that the idea of ​​’strange’ is entirely personal. In this case, the foods are strange for us Brazilians who are not used to things from other continents like Asia. And since we were there, we decided to try some of these dishes.
In reality, Paulo was the one who tried most of the foods, because there are few options vegetarian. I ate only one cheese cake made with sweet potatoes, but you have other options with mushrooms and even a love tomato. That’s right!
Paulo proved this caramelized cherry tomato skewer that resembles a love apple. He classified it as a nature truffle, because it has the crunchiness of caramelization and an explosion of cherry tomatoes inside. Would you dare to face this different mix?
Shilin Night Market
Brave as he is, Paulo also proved pig steam, a Taiwanese bolovo and the oyster omelet. As the names are very different, we will quickly explain what these peculiar delicacies are.
THE pig steam it is a steamed pork, seasoned and cut into thin, rectangular pieces. It has only two flavors: garlic or black pepper. And Paulo even called the dish “paper pork” since his texture is crispy and thin like a paper.
THE Taiwanese Bolovo in reality it is not called that, but the concept is almost the same as the bolovo we know. This dumpling with egg yolk and hairy pork impressed Paulo a lot, mainly because of the flavor and seasoning.
Finally, the oyster omelet is the most famous item on the market. And of course Paulo would not fail to experiment. At first, he found it very weird to have a gooey texture, although it looks like cheese. However, the taste it’s totally different and new. Remember that you need to be with very open mind to know new flavors, beauty? And you would have courage to taste any of these bizarre foods?
He wanted to know the Shilin night market? Comment here what you think of all this and watch the video for more details of our adventure!

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