All Black Decorated Bathrooms

All Black Decorated Bathrooms

Despite being one of the smallest rooms in our homes and offices, bathrooms also deserve attention. We usually associate this space with lighter tones, especially white. However, bolder decorations leave the environment full of personality.
So, how about betting on a black and monochrome decor? THE bathroom all Black it looks super elegant and, contrary to what many people think, it doesn’t make the space look smaller. You just need to be careful when decorating and choose some elements that escape this color palette. That way, you can play with colors like gold and white, creating small dots of color.
All Black Decorated Bathrooms
In addition to simple painting, there are several types of interesting textures to put on as a coating. In the bathroom of our production company, for example, we opted for a three-dimensional effect made with porcelain tiles. If you are interested in consulting the value, just click here!
Lighting is also essential for the ambience. The yellowish lights leave the place with a more cozy atmosphere and match perfectly with the black walls and floors. Ah, mirrors are also always welcome. For them to harmonize with the bathroom, look for very different frames or in cute shapes, like round mirrors, you know?
All Black Decorated Bathrooms
In the case of the bathroom we renovated, most details were done in gold. Both the mirror frames as well as the sink basins and soap holders are in that color. The result is beautiful and breaks the monotony of black a little!
All Black Decorated Bathrooms
Shades of gray, white or wooden details are other common ways to get out of the basics. For those who like, furniture or details in industrial style they also follow this same line and can help compose the decoration.
Overall, geometric coverings and burnt cement finishes are some of the most classic features (and they are really beautiful!). To follow a pattern throughout the decoration, the keyword is planning. That is, before starting the renovation, be sure to think about the composition of the bathroom as a whole and what will be the elements that will transform your environment.

Another thing that completely changes space is little plants! They bring life to the place and make a wonderful contrast to the rest of the decor. As bathrooms are usually well closed and often hot, be sure to check which species are ideal for this type of place.
Were you curious to know more about the bathroom in our office? Just keep an eye on our channel, because soon we will post a full tour! Anyone looking for inspiration and stores for this type of decor will love the video ?

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