All-clear No shortage of flu vaccinations

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After the delivery problems in Hamburg and Bavaria, there seemed to be the next problem with this year’s flu vaccinations: A recall campaign made people fear a bottleneck. Health Minister Daniel Bahr gives the all-clear.

In Italy, flocculation was found in two vaccines. This led to a recall of the two substances, of which a total of 750,000 cans were withdrawn from the market. It is a precautionary measure as there are no known health risks. Daniel Bahr now dispels the fears of those willing to vaccinate that there might not be enough vaccine for everyone: “All those who want to be vaccinated again like last year can rely on the vaccine being available. “Last year, 15 million people had a flu shot. This year, 14 million doses of the vaccine have already been delivered, so there will not be a bottleneck. In the meantime, 620,000 doses of vaccine have also been released by other manufacturers to replace the drugs that have been withdrawn. If there are bottlenecks, stresses Bahr, these are due to logistical problems in the individual federal states. Solving these problems is the task of the health insurance companies, as they have negotiated contracts with the manufacturers.

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