All you need to know!

All you need to know!

What are crystals?

Let’s start by understanding the crystals for their physical formation: they are solid substances formed by the “regular aggregation of particles”. And as much as it sounds too scientific, this is where it all starts. Crystals have all this beauty and fame due to the extremely molecular bonds symmetrical and perfect, which took millions of years to form.

All you need to know!

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These are substances that, due to very potent physical-chemical interference, have been “crystallized”. Thus, it is possible to imagine the amount of time, pressure, temperature and natural energy that were necessary to become the beautiful stones that we know today. The different cores, textures and sparkles they are consequences of the different chemical and physical properties related to each one of them.
If we expand the horizon of the discussion, we can also see that everything around us was and is formed by these transformations of the planet. THE Sun and others stars, an Earth, animals and stones they are ancient fruits of this process. In other words, everything around us is life and filled with a lot of history and energy.

What is the controversy involved? Is it myth or truth?

Crystals have long been used to cures and balance energetic. However, there is much controversy regarding the real efficiency of the method. Scientists claim to have no proof and the stones are not considered within the scope of traditional medicine. Even so, the number of people who claim to be healed, moved and modified by the use of crystals is undeniable.
So, even though there are questions from science, there is also a lot of desire and need for healing alternatives by society. And that is where crystals come in, as tools that help in the search for energy balance and healing.

All you need to know!

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There are also many spiritual beliefs related to crystals, which will never be explained by science. This is not a text for or against, but with all parameters, in an attempt to leave free to believe in the power of crystals or even seek to answer more questions.

But, what are the reasons to believe?

(1) They have been used for a long time

Crystals are not mentioned today. Ancient people already use precious stones in the foundations of cities, in rituals of Watch out, in alternative medicine and practices magical, energetic and religious.

(2) Stones have chemical and physical properties

THE quartz it was the stone responsible for the first radio transmission, for having stable molecules with energy frequency. At Batteries they are composed of chemical elements that transmit energy, just like stones. If we also try to remember the school’s physics classes, the atoms present in the materials make energy changes and are in constant motion, with a lot of vibration: protons, electrons and neutrons. Crystals are highly energized materials in the same way.

All you need to know!

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(3) Unscientific energies + chakras

Most holistic therapy act on the body ethereal, which is where chakras they are linked, where the higher energies of the field are linked to the physical body. The stones act in this field, connected to the chakras and give the possibility of connection with the world of energies. They also act on the body emotional and mental, taking care of our extinct and thoughts.
So, the crystals act directly on people through the unlock, release and rebalancing The energies. And these are directly linked to our joy, happiness and other feelings. And acquiring well-being is the first step in helping to treat illnesses as well.

All you need to know!

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There is also the idea that stones are charged with energy in their formation and that, by connecting to them, we are connecting to what is most profound in relation to nature. It is a reunion with the land, with the natural and with what is most primordial.

(4) The placebo effect

If none of this convinces you, there is also the idea of placebo effect. Usually this concept is used in a negative way, as if we are being deceived. However, it is not so. After all, changes and cures do happen and are significant, even though, according to this theory, they are more tied to our mind.

(5) Beauty

And lastly, it is undeniable that the stones are beautiful, right? If none of the reasons is enough, it is easy to believe that looking at beautiful objects, which fill our eyes, are extremely satisfying and good for our well-being.

All you need to know!

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Does it replace traditional medicine?

Another very important point to be discussed is whether the crystals, entitled as alternative medicine, can replace the Traditional medicine. The answer is that everything is valid so that your health is in the best possible condition. Therefore, abandon traditional medicine, since it is scientifically proven no it will be a good path. It is best to use everything in harmony ?

What are the main crystals?

There are many types of crystals. Some are better known as the Quartz, Amethyst, Tourmaline black, Selenite, Jade… The important thing is to understand that each one of them has a different specificity and necessary care, both for the energy and practical fields, such as cleaning. So be careful and research before using the stones, not all of them can be close to the heart or should be used daily.

All you need to know!

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Stones are commonly differentiated by cores. And this is due to its chemical formation: the combinations of some elements generate the rose Rose Quartz or the black of Black Tourmaline, for example.

What are the main uses?

Crystals can be used on a daily basis, in different comfortable gives your home or loaded in the bag. And of course, in necklaces, earrings, rings and other jewelry are very common. These are the forms of daily therapies. But, they are also used by therapists, in meditative practices and even as a skincare routine.

All you need to know!

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