(Almost) edible shoes

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Guess what will be the most desired item of the moment to be part of the closet from now on? These sweet and dangerous shoes (imagine arriving at a children’s party with one of these?) Are the work of American artist Chris Campbell. She created The Shoe Bakery and today has two collections to make anyone’s eyes widen: the Ice Cream Collection and the Cake Collection – one that has only ice cream inspirations on the menu and the other, ballistic.
According to the artist, it is passionate to create something unique. “I feel that every woman deserves to feel special and not have the same shoes that someone else has,” she says on her website. Each piece is handmade, so all details, colors and textures will be unique. Chris makes custom wedding shoes, too. Imagine wearing a white dress with colorful high heels and mouth watering? I love the idea! You can also choose ice cream sneakers for the little girls, how about that?
There on their website you can also order personalized shoes, for example: I felt like having a Red Velvet sneaker? I go there and place the order because CHANAN! They deliver in Brazil, genteeeeee * – *
There’s just a little boring thing about all that buying outside the US. The price, however sweet the shoes, is still salty. My favorite sneaker costs U $ 150, so you count on the freight, the import fees and you get discouraged. But ah, once in a lifetime it’s worth it to get a treat like that, right? Here are some pictures for you to get inspired:
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My favorites are ice cream in the shape of a sneaker (or is it the other way around? I confused). And yours?

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