Almost like John and Mary: An edible hotel

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And that was when our dreams came true: in central London, a hotel built three floors and eight rooms with edible pieces. The sum includes a carpet made of one thousand and eighty-one meringues, twenty kilos of marshmallow garlands, windows and walls covered with two thousand macarons, sills decorated with cake and a bathtub filled with caramelized popcorn. There is no way not to ask: why all this?
The idea arose for the Tate & Lyle Sugars brand, a British sugar cane company, to launch a new concept to the public, the Taste Experience. The idea is to encourage people to be more creative in the kitchen. It’s not just a silly advertisement to make things edible that we only imagined in the story of João and Maria (by the way, they went beyond what Jennifer Rubell created – remember the cotton candy house in NY?). By creating rooms filled with edible objects, they achieve their goal. Like almost all unusual creations, this one was no different. Praise and disapproval poured in. Many people were shocked and criticized the exaggeration of wasted food. Okay, 600kg of sugar is a lot …
sweet hotel1
But honestly, I think that in this case the idea was cool and well justified by Tate & Lyle’s director, James Whiteley. Inspiration, creativity and the opportunity to experiment do justice to, why not, a work of art? And you have to take your hat off to the team of 14 cake experts, who spent 2,000 hours baking and 900 hours decorating the themed rooms. Thousands of desserts formed the rooms, which were inspired by different places and cultures from around the world. Gold chests with treasures, a sea of ​​turtles, a fudge temple, chocolate statue, donut tower, books and rainbows. From Pirates of the Caribbean to the Mayans, all of this was edible for one night at the British hotel.
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The tip was given by the reader Isabela Machado Araújo ?

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