Already In Christmas Atmosphere: Inspirations For Gingerbread!

Already In Christmas Atmosphere: Inspirations For Gingerbread!

Despite not being a candy so common here in Brazil, the gingerbread is one of the most traditional Christmas recipes. Besides being delicious and full of spices, the biscuit is a great way to gift someone special.
In addition, we managed to have space to use all our creativity when making their decoration. Who has children a little older at home, for example, can call them to help in the completion of the sweet and even in some processes of preparation.

Already In Christmas Atmosphere: Inspirations For Gingerbread!

Complete recipe

The first thing we think about when we talk about gingerbread is traditional cookies or little houses. But, it can be used in other very creative ways! As I am here to help you, I have separated some of the most interesting decorations and ideas ?

Cake Decorations

Have you ever imagined using cookies as a decorative element of the cake? The advantage of using gingerbread in this case is that, in addition to being tasty, the dessert is a grace. For those who have cutters in cool and different formats, just put the ready-made cookies on the top of the cake.
If you are going to make pie or pave, use a circular dish / tray to simulate a garland with gingerbread. The result is incredible, especially if you decorate the cookies with delicacy and care.


Traditional houses can come in different sizes and elements – it all depends on your imagination! If you are looking for a good recipe, just take a look at the website post with the complete step by step. The assembly process ends up being a little complicated, since you have to be patient until all the parts are really fixed.
But, I promise that all the effort and dedication are worth it in the end. Because it is a relatively large dessert and with this more playful feel, it is perfect for gifting a friend or relative. They will love to win something made especially for you!

For drinks

Drinks also deserve attention and care when presenting! The mini gingerbread houses or Christmas trees make the cup super charming (and it’s a great little appetizer).
There is also the possibility of placing the garnish under a good layer of whipped cream from your drink. Just be careful not to get too heavy and end up sinking ?


I’m not going to talk much about classic cookies, because they are already known to you. My main suggestion is: make one or two batches of them and keep them in different bags, yielding several small souvenirs and gifts.
Some people use gingerbread as a Christmas tree ornament. If you want to do this, hang them only at supper time. That way, they will still be fresh when the kids and the rest of the family go to eat. Oh, and here on the website you can find a wonderful recipe for preparing cookies.
If you want to gift someone without having the trouble of making decorated cookies, bet on the call Joe Frogger Cookie! Based on ginger and rum, the result is crunchy and delicious. To see the complete recipe, just click here.

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